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How Overfed and Underfed Children Can Both Be Malnourished

I recently listened to Webster Griffin Tarpley’s broadcast of 26 November 2011 about his recent trip to Syria. You can find the broadcast on his website. I do not intend to discuss the political content, although it is interesting, but … Continue reading

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The Real Causes of Shaken Baby Syndrome That The Mainstream Media Fail To Tell You

A recent article in a UK newspaper suggested that about half of parents convicted of shaken baby syndrome (SBS) have been wrongly accused. However, a thorough investigation of all the scientific evidence shows that the real percentage of wrongly convicted … Continue reading

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It’s not TB but ignorance that threatens to kill cattle and badgers

A recent news item in the UK states “The National Trust will next month begin the largest ever field trial of a vaccine to prevent the spread of bovine TB in badgers. The animals are thought to be partially responsible … Continue reading

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What is the BBC Playing At? Part 4

This blog continues discussing the issues from the BBC Horizon programme presented by Sir Paul Nurse, called Science Under Attack. It covered many topics in such a biased and ‘unscientific’ manner that I am dealing with the issues separately in … Continue reading

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Scientists Hail Universal Flu Vaccine Test

I see in the news recently that ‘Scientists Hail Universal Flu Vaccine Test’. But, as we’ve previously pointed out, the scientific evidence shows that no other vaccine is safe or effective, so why should we believe that this one will … Continue reading

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To be or not to be vaccinated, that is the question!!

I regularly see reports in the mainstream media that we should be vaccinated against an ever growing number of diseases. However, there is, and has been since the introduction of the practice of vaccination, a large number of medical practitioners … Continue reading

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