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Why Germs Don’t Make You Ill and Drugs Can’t Cure You

This book can save your life

Without doubt the vast majority of doctors care about the health of their patients and want the best for them.

It is therefore staggering to learn that according to official records hundreds of thousands of people die every year, in the USA alone, from medical practices.

These deaths are not from malpractice as such, but from established medical procedures and from prescription drugs taken as directed by a physician.

It is such a recognised phenomenon that there is an official term for illness and death caused by medical treatment; it is called iatrogenesis.

Official figures show that, after heart disease and cancer, the biggest killer in America is the medical profession.

This is not a problem peculiar to the USA and, alarmingly, it is not a situation that is improving.

To put the seriousness of the situation into perspective, statistics show that for both America and the UK a person is more likely to die as a result of a visit to a doctor than they are from a road traffic accident.

It is obvious that there is something fundamentally wrong with modern medicine.

It is a problem so grave that it has the potential to make every single person a casualty of current medical treatment.

So why has it all gone wrong?

Why hasn’t the ever increasing expenditure on sophisticated medical technology and the plethora of ‘new’ pharmaceutical products brought a corresponding improvement in the prevention and cure of disease?

Clearly, to find answers to these questions required the authors to undertake a fresh and unbiased investigation into the foundations upon which the medical establishment is built. The answers proved to be far from straightforward because they completely changed everything that the majority of the general public has been led to believe about what makes them ill and the use of drugs to treat their illness.

Our research made the staggering discovery that the failure of modern medicine is a consequence of its practices being based more on blind faith and dogma than on true scientific investigation; the horrifying consequences of this are plain to see in the rising number of casualties every year from iatrogenesis.

Our investigation revealed a catalogue of serious problems that include poor science, toxic medicine, misdiagnosis, hypocrisy, poisoned environments and suppression of information by vested interest groups, all of which culminate in needless suffering and death on a huge scale throughout the world.

In our new book, Why Germs Don’t Make You Ill and Drugs Can’t Cure You, we have brought together information from a large and growing number of highly-qualified doctors, scientists and researchers who challenge the very foundations that current medical and pharmaceutical practices are based on.

The book will provide you with a wealth of information concerning healthcare and the real causes of illness that will enable you to make informed decisions about achieving and maintaining your own health.

The revelations in our book will at times shock you and at other times may make you weep as you realise the full extent of the tragedy being caused by the mainstream practices of the medical and pharmaceutical establishment.

As the details of our research are revealed it will undoubtedly change the majority of readers’ views about ‘illness’ and ‘health’ forever and it will become abundantly clear ‘why germs don’t make you ill and drugs can’t cure you’.

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