How Greece Can Save The World

The ‘mainstream media’ still cannot be trusted to report a story fairly and accurately.

Therefore, to provide you with a fair and accurate analysis of the political situation in Greece I have contacted and discussed the situation with a well-known Greek writer and political analyst, Petros Arguriou. (Note 1)

Prior to the election that was held on 6th May 2012, there were 3 main parties that effectively held the vast majority of the votes, usually in the region of 80%.

The 3 parties that clung on to that 80% were:
New Democracy – the neoliberal evolution of what could be called Conservatives or the traditional Right.
PASOK – the neoliberal evolution of the Greek Socialist party in an almost contradictory position of being Populist-Capitalist, or state supporting Capitalists. The reason for this seeming contradiction is explained by its history, but such histories are beyond the scope of this blog.
KKE – the communist party, a relic of the past and a party that seems to object to any change.

What changed, both dramatically and historically, on 6th May 2012 was that these 3 parties combined were only able to poll a mere 35%, less than half of their previous total. This result represented a dramatic shift away from the ‘traditional’ parties and demonstrated quite clearly that the Greek people were no longer prepared to continue supporting them and made their voices heard loud and clear at the poll.

The remaining 65% of the votes were divided amongst a varied group of other parties. These were:
DHMAR – a splinter group from Syriza, but one that supported the memorandum (austerity measures)
Independent Greeks – a splinter group from New Democracy, that was vocal on the issue of Papandreou being brought to justice for his crimes against the Greek people.
Golden Dawn – a Greek NeoNazi party.
Syriza – a coalition of a number of other groups that became known as the party that was the only one to take a firm stand against austerity measures.

Such a medley of parties, understandably, was unable to produce a clear winner in the May election, in which no individual party gained more than 20% of the votes, despite the fact that in Greece the party that is ‘first past the post’ is gifted an extra 50 seats. The situation soon became apparent that a new election was required.

This new election will take place on 17th June 2012, in just a few days time.

The above background sets the scene for a better understanding of the current events in Greece and the mainstream media coverage of such events.

I am not referring to the appalling behaviour by one member of the Golden Dawn party who attacked political opponents in a TV debate, although this was covered by the Guardian, amongst others. (Note 2)

What I prefer to cover, because it is about the issues, is the Greek media coverage about the parties and their policies.

The overwhelming media reports are aimed at attacking Syriza; it has become the party under attack, by most of the other parties most of the time.

The reasons for this are probably because Syriza is the party that is now expected to be the outright winner at the next election and therefore such attacks are aimed at reducing the popularity of Syriza.

Syriza after all has a plan. It is a plan that is aimed at assisting the Greek people. (Note 3)

For more details on what Syriza stands for. (Note 4)

All of which begs the question, if Syriza has the best policies for helping the people, why are they being attacked from all sides?

There is of course a deeper motive for attacking Syriza and for diminishing their popularity and it is a motive that hits right at the heart of the cause of the financial crisis in the first place; in a nutshell it is based on the fact that, if Syriza wins and implements their programme, the ‘finance oligarchs’ will lose their control.

Syriza’s policies will not help the banks via the IMF/EU/ECB, the troika as the Greeks call them, in fact it will remove their powers.

Whilst it would be no doubt interesting to explain the full background of the ‘finance oligarchs’ and how they have pulled the strings of many Greek politicians, who are responsible for allowing their country to be used and nearly destroyed, it is however also beyond the scope of this blog to detail such a background as it would turn it into an entire book.

Suffice it to say that Greece has been used as a ‘lab-rat’, this much has been admitted by Papandreou, but even lab-rats do not always do as they are expected.

The media, that is for the most part controlled by corporations run by the ‘finance oligarchs’, is creating a ‘spin’ on this in order to blackmail the Greek people into believing that a vote for Syriza is a vote to exit the Euro and a return to the drachma. This is a complete fabrication. According to Petros “We’ve never seen such a vicious psychological attack. We have never witnessed such co-ordinated propaganda.”

It is quite clear that the problems lie with the Anglo-American imperialists, those finance oligarchs who own the banks and are imposing ruthless austerity measures on the people for their own reasons.

Of course there is corruption in the higher echelons of Greece too, some well-connected Greek businessmen were able to acquire state-owned businesses when they were privatised. They were then able to obtain even larger loans using such assets as collateral for larger state-owned businesses. This is what is laughingly called the ‘free market’. What is not funny is that some of the state-owned assets were sold off at ridiculously low prices to outside interests, i.e. non-Greeks. All of these transactions have taken place with either the knowledge, if not the complicity of the members of the Greek governments.

Not only must this outrageous Ponzi scheme cease, but that Greek assets must be returned to the Greek people. The debate over whether they should be ‘state-owned’ or not is a separate issue. What is important is the recognition that the Greek islands, for example, cannot be sold off to ‘other’ people as part of the exploitation of the Greek crisis.

While these huge money transactions were taking place, the Greek people were having their wages cut, their taxes raised, prices raised, living standards cut and their lives ruined in order to repay the apparent ‘debt’ that is essentially a banking debt and has nothing whatsoever to do with the people.

The enforced policies of ruthless taxation, by treating everyone as if they have an income of 5000 euros even if they have no income at all, can be called nothing less than looting or plundering.

Petros states,

“It is the neoliberals, the neo-imperialism the imposes asphyxiating regulation in the name of the free markets, that is imposing ruthless taxation in the name of stateless markets, that is pouring taxpayers money into a bankrupt and criminal banking cartel. Governments in EU are bankrupting EU nations for the sake of economy. And when they say economy they actually mean the Monetary system cartel which is robbing nations of their wealth, their prosperity, their social welfare and peace, their future.”

Webster Tarpley has recently been severely criticised for calling such austerity measures genocidal, but when there have been a large number of suicides as a result of these measures, how can they possibly be called anything else? (Note 5)

The polls since the 6th May election have given Syriza an even greater percentage of the votes, suggesting somewhere near 30%, which could be enough to gain the outright majority and form the government. The most recent trends are indicating that an autonomous Syriza government will be formed.

Unless of course, the other parties can mount a suitable offensive to scare the people. The Greek system however, does not allow any further polls to be taken and so no further information about the effects of such fearmongering can be analysed.

Whilst it seemed as if the noose of fear could continue to be tightened further and bring all the Greek people into line with what the ‘oligarchs’ wanted, they clearly failed to understand real people. There is only so much fear that people can live with. If the threshold is reached, then the ‘fight or flight’ instinct becomes apparent. Sadly, as mentioned above, many Greeks have opted for suicide. On the other hand, many, many more Greeks have opted for ‘fight’ mode. They have had enough fearmongering and propaganda and this ‘fighting spirit’ was demonstrated in the May elections when Syriza polled a far greater percentage than they had previously polled, or were expected to poll.

The Greek people are reportedly continuing to shrug off their fear, which is a good sign that they will not be cowed into believing the media hype as displayed in this defeatist attitude that was reported on Sunday 10th. (Note 6)

However, there remains a great deal of frustration in Greece that is due to a unique scenario there. In order to host the 2004 Olympics, Greece had to use immigrant labour. Again, this is NOT the fault of the people. The decision to use cheap immigrant labour was taken by the ‘global network’, obviously designed to maximise profit, but with the outcome of depriving Greek natives of income. Adding insult to injury in the eyes of many Greek people, this has led to a further problem of the immigrants who were then abandoned after their labour had been used and left in Greece in what has become a kind of ghetto.

This issue of the treatment of immigrants and the immigrant reforms in their manifesto is now being used against Syriza.

It remains to be seen if this one aspect of their manifesto will be enough to deter voters on Sunday. If sufficient numbers of the Greek people understand propaganda and the way it is being used as a weapon against Syriza they will realise that the ‘immigrant’ issue is just another tool in the propaganda toolbox of the establishment.

However, being elected and forming a government is only the first step. What will follow will be the ability to hold onto power and implement their policies.

The challenges Syriza will face can only be appropriately called a Herculean task. As a government they will face the wrath of the finance oligarchs, the EU, the IMF and the rest of this establishment.

I am certain Alexis Tsipras and his colleagues in Syriza are not unaware of this, but they are not letting this stop them from trying their best, for which they must be applauded and supported.

That is why I have written this blog, to inspire as many people as possible to speak up and support Syriza, even if you are not in Greece. We must show them our support, which will give them confidence to continue the struggle – and ultimately win.

The ‘finance oligarchs’ have their sights set on much more than Greece, which is just the first step. But this one step is a step too far, because if they succeed in Greece they will continue their march to destroy and control most other European countries, and further on east to Russia and China.

They will not stop; unless we stop them! And stop them we must!

I would like to extend my thanks to Petros for all his help and to conclude with his own words to explain the importance of the forthcoming Greek election,

“We have to save our future, we have to save humanity, we have to save the future of humanity and the humanity of the future.”

NB In particular the broadcast dated 12th May 2012, which was the first broadcast after the election, and each subsequent broadcast has included reports from Greece.

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History is distorted when written by the victors!

There is a saying that “history is always written by the victors”, although the exact words and correct origin of this quote seem hard to locate accurately. Nevertheless, the inability to prove its origin does not negate the truth embodied in such a quote. Too often people become so wrapped up in establishing the bona fides of the ‘source’ of a saying that they fail to appreciate the essence of the message contained therein.

History by definition must contain narratives, memories and similar information, which will always contain a certain degree of subjective perception and thus not be totally objective. Such a subjective perspective does not, however, invalidate the information nor deny its applicability to the heading of ‘history’.

Neither would an external observer provide a truly objective perspective because as a human they would still be subject to their personal perspective of what they are viewing and thus recording.

There is of course a distinction that must be made between information that is based on a personal, subjective narrative and biased information specifically designed to mislead those of subsequent generations about certain events.

The historian worthy of the name will ensure inclusion of the former and not of the latter.

When writing ‘history’, an event will usually be recorded in a way that demonstrates that those who overpowered another group, and therefore were the victors, were justified in some way in undertaking their aggressive actions.

Wars are probably the most common events that create distorted history, because the victors always want to look like the ‘heroes’.

Killing people is not heroic!

An additional aspect of history is that it is not to be regarded as sacrosanct and untouchable, in a similar fashion that science must not be regarded as ‘settled’. They both can be enriched by further information that shines a new light on a subject.

This similarity between history and science must not be strained too far; in science a line of enquiry can lead to the complete abandonment of a theory, whereas in history new information will provide new material for a real event that then requires its reappraisal.

The event that requires such a reappraisal is the settling of a large number of Jewish people into Palestine soon after WWII.

The ‘new’ information that requires this reappraisal is the fate of the native Palestinian population, both at the time and subsequently.

Whilst this information is not ‘new’ to the Palestinians who used to live in Palestine before the ‘settlers’ arrived and many of whom are still living in refugee camps demanding that they be allowed to return to their homes, it will probably be ‘new’ to many people who have been fed the ‘mainstream’ view of the events that occurred during the late 1940s.

The ‘official’ version, from Wikipedia, states that “The British Mandate permitted the Jewish Agency to oversee immigration into Palestine and land purchases from the local Arabs”.

Wikipedia then claims, “Fighting between the Arab and Jewish communities of Palestine began soon after the adoption by the General Assembly of Resolution 181(II) in November 1947.”

This Resolution 181(II) aimed to create a partition of the land of Palestine into two states, effectively taking away a large part of their land from the native Palestinians.

However, in case you think that this may have been fair, consider the question that George Galloway raises to a caller on his radio programme, “what right did Britain have to grant you (the Jews) somebody else’s country?” (note below)

Further, and again from Wikipedia, “Arab-Jewish violence increased in the spring of 1948…..”

This is a significant date as it preceded the departure of the British from Palestine meaning that a great deal of the activity occurred under their jurisdiction, which means that they either turned a blind eye or condoned the fighting.

This is just an outline of the historical event under review, which is that the Jewish people had ‘escaped’ persecution in Europe only to be met with a continuing threat from within Palestine when they tried to re-settle in their homeland.

Therefore when it is a Jewish historian who was born in Israel and who writes with supporting evidence of a ‘new’ version of the events, it behoves us to at least listen to or read what he has to say on the subject, however controversial it may sound.

The Israeli historian is Ilan Pappe and the revised history he has written is called The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine.

Having researched the original documents of the time, the late 1940s, he discovered a completely different version of what he had understood to have happened, which made him determined to undo the collective denial that the ethnic cleansing, often referred to as the Nakba, had taken place.

Ilan Pappe rightly calls the real events of that period a crime against humanity and a gross wrong that needs to be addressed and redressed.

Referring to my earlier comments about discovering the distinction between personal narrative and biased reporting, we need to look at his sources of information and at some misinformation to discern where the truth lies.

Take for example the subject of land transfers. The official version refers to land purchases giving the impression of proper negotiations, whereas the Palestinian people claim they were forcibly evicted from their homes, often at gunpoint and with no opportunity to collect personal possessions.

Try to imagine how you would feel if someone arrived at your house and, pointing a gun at you, told you to leave immediately, without any more of your possessions than you can grab in a minute and leave everything else behind.

That is probably something you are likely to be able to remember!

Another great discrepancy arises over the subject of the ‘fighting’ between the two sides as if it were a war. Again according to the Palestinians this is untrue as they only fought, on the few occasions that they did engage in fighting, to defend themselves from forced eviction of homes that they and their families had owned for generations in many cases.

If this were just a question of whose memories were more reliable, the situation may be regarded as somewhat inconclusive.

However, this is not the case here!

There is abundant evidence supporting the Palestinian’s statements.

The information that Ilan Pappe refers to in his book has been gleaned from actual records and documents in the Israeli archives, including the diaries of the Zionist leader of the time David Ben-Gurion, and the book’s notes and references cover many pages.

The evidence that the official story is substantially untrue is overwhelming, as proved by these documents.

Furthermore, the ‘war’ was depicted as a clash between rival factions because the new Jewish settlers were constantly feeling under yet another threat of extermination, which was traumatic for them after the atrocities of WWII.

To quote Pappe in reference to David Ben-Gurion,
“His diary certainly does not betray any sense of a looming catastrophe or a ‘Second Holocaust’, as he proclaimed with pathos in his public appearances.”

In other words, the public appearances were pure propaganda designed to create sympathy for their apparent plight.

The other point that must be made absolutely clear is that the scale of the atrocities committed in the ethnic cleansing of the native Palestinians by the Jewish settlers and their army is atrocious.

Again, quoting from Pappe,
“Once the decision was taken, it took six months to complete the mission. When it was over, more than half of Palestine’s native population, close to 800,000 people, had been uprooted, 531 villages had been destroyed, and eleven urban neighbourhoods emptied of their inhabitants. The plan decided upon on 10th March 1948, and above all its systematic implementation in the following months, was a clear-cut case of an ethnic cleansing operation, regarded under international law today as a crime against humanity.”

This statement does not include a reference to the many hundreds of mainly young male Palestinians who were killed, often in front of their families, by the troops carrying out the ‘cleansing’.

This was not a minor event.

Furthermore, it was clearly a planned event.

The Nakba is at the heart of the current problems that continue in that region and will continue until it is recognised as the true history and the desperately tragic wrongs are corrected.

It is time to listen to the ‘overpowered’ rather than those who overpowered them.

We must not allow history to remember one holocaust and forget a later one perpetrated by the very same people who had been the victims of the earlier one.

Let us also hope that Ilan Pappe’s book will soon find its way onto the required reading list for students of 20th century history.

That will indeed be a victory!

Note: (

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For Whom The Bell Tolls: It is Greece today, but whose turn will it be tomorrow?

Amidst the media headlines about Greece that proclaim ‘economic crisis’, ‘bailouts’, austerity measures’, ‘laziness’ and ‘avoiding their taxes’ there is an element that is often conspicuous by its absence; the toll of these economic measures on those who matter, the people.

Therefore I set out to discover the effect of the ‘solutions’ for the economic crisis on the everyday lives of Greek people.

Here is the reality and it is indeed a tragic tale.

Most, if not all, Greek workers are on the receiving end of a pay cut. The pay cut structure is tiered, it is 22% for people over 25 and 32% for people under 25 years of age. This is a huge reduction in their income.

Although the pay cut is not obligatory for employers to impose, it seems that many of them will take this option, probably because, for many of them, their own costs have increased substantially.

The wage cuts are being imposed across the board, so that even the minimum wage is set to be reduced; for the under 25′s it will be 450 euros per month and for the over 25′s it will be 580 euros per month. (US$600 or GBP375 and US$775 or GBP485, respectively)

Such reductions in income are harsh enough on their own, but the impact becomes worse when considered in the light of the large price increases that have taken place, and indeed continue to take place, on most, if not all, of the basic necessities of life. In addition, taxes have also risen and new measures will make all income taxable. So, not only are people earning less, they have a greater percentage taken away from their income in taxes.

For many Greek people, even before these austerity measures, their salaries barely covered outgoings on the regular and ongoing bills, on such costs as water, sewerage, taxes, electricity, fuel and of course food.

These costs are the basic necessities and do not include other necessities such as clothes.

However, the austerity measures being imposed on the Greek people for a ‘debt’ they have not incurred will make it harder to even afford these basic necessities.

It is no exaggeration to call these austerity measures ‘genocidal’.

To put it into perspective:

- Imagine how it would impact your own life and your ability to pay your bills if your salary was cut by somewhere between 1/4 and 1/3!

- Imagine how it would impact your life if, as well as suffering a pay cut of approximately 1/4, or 1/3, you then have to cover price increases on your basic living costs.

For example, the price of petrol has almost doubled in the past 2 years. In a largely agricultural country such as Greece, this is a heavy additional cost that has to be recouped leading to large price hikes on that most vital necessity for life, food.

Furthermore, statistics show that officially unemployment stands at 21% of the population, but is likely to be much higher as official statistics are often underestimated; that 1/3 of small businesses have closed, which is devastating in a country where a large proportion of the people run their own small business; that unemployment benefit is limited to 360 euros per month (US$480 or GBP300) and lasts for 1 year only, after which, nothing!

When the austerity is supposed to last for years in order to repay the loans and make up for the deficits, how are people expected to survive?

This is an appalling situation!!!

The current feelings of despair are spreading throughout the Greek people and creating a dismal looking future. Statistics show that, for the 18 – 30 age group:

1/2  work to be able to study
1/2  are thinking of going abroad to find work
1/3  are thinking of leaving school
2/3  fear they will lose their job

As the ‘economic crisis’ spreads throughout Europe and threatens to create a world economic collapse, where will they be able to go for alternative work?

Many Greek parents are justifiably angry that they have worked hard for many years to ensure that their children have a good education and then have to sit by and helplessly watch them leave their native country in order to gain employment, or rather to attempt to gain employment.

This is an unnecessary brain drain and a desperately sad situation.

But more importantly, this situation has not been created by the Greek people, but is being imposed ON the Greek people by the ‘power elite’ who are running current world events for their own ‘agenda’.

The Greek people are resilient, but they are being sorely tried at the moment. They need our support and assistance to stop the ‘agenda’ being continued, because the ‘agenda’ will not stop at Greece, the whole world is in the sights of the ‘power elite’ and has been for more than a century.

This is no theory of a conspiracy, it is a real conspiracy and one for which there is a great deal of documentary evidence that is far too extensive to expand upon in this blog article.

As the title of this blog indicates, it may be Greece today, but whose turn will it be tomorrow? Ireland? Spain? Italy? France? Your country?

For further information on the level of destitution in Athens, please read the article from this link, HERE

For further information on the situation in Greece, please listen to the second half of the radio broadcast which contains an interview with a Greek blogger from HERE

For further information on the ‘agenda’ please read our blogs, our online article magazines and watch the videos from the links on our website,

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How Overfed and Underfed Children Can Both Be Malnourished

I recently listened to Webster Griffin Tarpley’s broadcast of 26 November 2011 about his recent trip to Syria. You can find the broadcast on his website.

I do not intend to discuss the political content, although it is interesting, but to focus on 2 non-political points that he makes.

The first is that, whatever else you may think about the regime in that country, Webster says that in Syria no child goes to bed hungry.

That is indeed a great claim, for the same cannot be said about the so-called affluent ‘western’ countries, including America, the UK and no doubt most other countries, where many millions of children live below the poverty-line.

The second point he makes is that the reason no child goes to bed hungry is because bread is heavily subsidised.

Now this is not the processed rubbish bread that is made with refined flour and various chemicals added as ‘preservatives’ that is so prolific in the supermarkets of the ‘west’. According to Webster’s report, the Syrian loaf is 2.2lb, or 1kg, is freshly made from wholegrains with seeds and costs about 20 American cents, based on the conversion rate that prevailed while he was there.

As I said this is not a political blog. It is also not intended just to highlight world child poverty. Having mentioned child poverty though, I must point out that according to a current advertising campaign to raise funds UNICEF plans to end child poverty by 2015. But donating to UNICEF, good idea though it sounds, will not end the plight of the poor children of the world because they intend to vaccinate them all. If you are a regular reader of this blog you will know that the evidence shows that vaccinations will not end their ill-health, on the contrary, they will exacerbate it and cause further suffering and deaths.

My intention here is to highlight the misperception about the word ‘malnutrition’.

It is usually used in the context of being underfed. This is incorrect, because even the dictionary defines it as ‘lack of proper nutrition’.

The people who are helping to fight hunger in the very poor countries that have severely malnourished babies and young children use a product called ‘ready to use therapeutic food’.

What is this ‘ready to use therapeutic food’? I discovered that it is a paste-like product that contains 4 basic ingredients, one of which is sugar! Another ingredient is ‘vitamin and mineral supplement’, which sounded encouraging until I looked further at its nutritional composition.

At first glance the list of nutrients is impressive, unless you are aware of the importance of certain essential nutrients and then you realise that the makers of these products do not really understand the importance of proper nutrition.

The vitamin C content of only 50mg per 100g is woefully inadequate as is the magnesium content. They are both essential nutrients that have been proved to be highly efficacious, but in far larger quantities than are in this paste, even if the children eat a number of these packs.

Vitamin C is a crucial enzyme. It is one that humans, unlike most other animals, do not manufacture in their bodies and therefore require it from their diet. Although not suffering from scurvy as such, many people suffer symptoms of sub-clinical scurvy resulting from an inadequate intake of Vitamin C.

Magnesium is an extremely important element in many functions of the body and magnesium deficiency also creates a vast number of symptoms of ill-health.

What is conspicuous by its absence in the ‘ready to use therapeutic food’ programme is fresh produce.

The importance of fresh food, meaning fruit and vegetables not processed packaged products, is a vital aspect of any programme that genuinely wants to ‘end poverty’ and bring health to the children, and adults, of these areas.

The idea that underfed children are malnourished is easily understood; what may seem more difficult to acknowledge is that many millions of children in the more affluent ‘west’ also go to bed malnourished, although not necessarily underfed.

How can I say that, you may ask. This is not a questions of semantics and the answer lies in understanding the difference between quantity and quality.

It is the issue that lies at the heart of understanding the function of nutrition and indeed the nature of illness.

The problem arises because medical education includes very little, if any, training in nutrition. So how is a doctor able to recognise, let alone treat malnutrition? Mainstream medical training is based on finding ‘disease’, then killing the ‘germ’ that caused the disease. This leads to the concept that even though the drugs are known to be toxic they will kill the ‘germ’, but not, as long as they are given the right dose, kill the patient at the same time!

The argument could be used if, and only if, ‘germs’ were the cause of disease. The evidence clearly shows otherwise, which makes this concept wrong on every level.

With a proper understanding of nutrition and the ill-health that results from a lack of proper nutrition, you can understand that the problem of malnutrition goes much further than those who do not have enough to eat.

Whilst it may seem controversial, even people who are obese can be included in the category of suffering from malnutrition. They clearly do not suffer from lack of ‘stuff to eat’; I won’t call it ‘food’, because the real meaning of food means that which nourishes and a great deal of what passes for ‘food’ these days does not have the ability to nourish an ant let alone a growing human child.

To add to the ‘malnutrition’ that is caused by processed, sugar-laden, salt-laden, chemical-laden ‘stuff’ that is referred to as ‘food’, there is also the toxic nature of such substances. The toxins they contain include refined sugar, processed table salt and aspartame as well as chemicals that are used as flavourings, colourings and preservatives.

Only by returning to consumption of ‘real food’ can we ever hope to understand what it means to be healthy.

This is of particular importance to anyone who is on the path to regaining their health, whether from a serious illness or accident or recovering from the ill-effects of a course of pharmaceutical drugs.

There is plenty of advice about the need to build up the ‘immune system’, which certainly needs to be bolstered. However, it is not just the immune system, it is the whole body that requires rebuilding.

The human body is a self-regulating organism, and as such it is capable of rebuilding its own healthy status; it just requires the appropriate ingredients to achieve this. Those ingredients are available from Nature, grown without chemicals and in nutrient-rich soil.

As Hippocrates said “Let your food be your medicine”.

You can learn more about how to be naturally healthy in our book, Why Germs Don’t Make You Ill and Drugs Can’t Cure You.

Other useful links
Webster Tarpley’s website HERE

Information about Vitamin C HERE

Information about magnesium deficiency HERE

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How You Can Help To Solve the World Crisis

Our world is in turmoil.

Most of our major systems are in serious trouble; especially finance, politics, health, education and the media.

Fortunately, there are solutions to all the problems that we are facing.

However, only by knowing the true history of the problems are we able to avoid repeating it. An appropriate quote usually attributed to Einstein is that “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Therefore we need to find a different way to solve these problems, which means that we must take responsibility and take action. We must stop relying on those in the positions of power to find the solutions for us; for they are the cause of the problems we are experiencing.

In order to take action, you need to be informed.

Unfortunately, because the corporate-controlled mainstream media is part of the problem, you are not being properly served by them and therefore it is unwise to rely on them as your sole source of news and information.

We at NoR can assist you in your quest for knowledge. We are an independent organisation with the aim of providing you with access to the information you require so that you can make informed decisions.

We produce websites with material in a variety of media on a number of extremely important topics, including books and blog entries we have written and videos produced by other filmmakers to which we provide links.

We plan to keep researching and writing, both blogs and books, and to continue expanding our areas of research, including sourcing and collating material so that you can find it all in one place, on our websites.

But in order to do this, we need your help.

However we are not asking you for donations.

We are asking you to buy our books, currently available as paperbacks or Kindle downloads. Or if you have already purchased them, we thank you and ask you to encourage others to buy them.

By purchasing our books you will not only support the continuation of our work but you will be buying invaluable material that will benefit you in all aspects of your life, throughout your life.

You can find more information about our books on our two main websites.

The main NoR website presents our book ‘The Nature of Reality: Exploding the Mind, Body, Spirit Myth’, including a summary of each of the 9 modules contained in the book.

This book explains our statement that ‘reality is far stranger than you can imagine’.

The greatest and most profound mystery that you could ever wish to contemplate is the nature of reality.

In order to make sense of your experiences, both personally and those of the world you live in, you need to know about the true nature of reality. Compelling as the ‘materialist’ view of reality may seem, it simply is not supported by true scientific evidence.

Our book will completely change your view of who you think you are, what life really is and what you can do to change your experiences.

NoR’s companion website, ‘How To Be Naturally Healthy’, presents our book, ‘Why Germs Don’t Make You Ill and Drugs Can’t Cure You’.

In this book you will discover that, contrary to the messages that are issued from the mainstream medical establishment through the corporate-controlled mainstream media, illness is not an inevitable consequence of life and true health is not brought about through the use of pharmaceutical products.

The statement that ‘this book can save your life’ is no idle claim about ‘Why Germs Don’t Make You Ill and Drugs Can’t Cure You’.

It is a book that will provide you with essential information about how to gain real health for you and your family. True health-care for all cannot be attained under the current mainstream medical paradigm as it is based on a faulty concept of ‘health’ and controlled by the profit-oriented pharmaceutical industry.

Our website also contains links to some very interesting free videos as well as our blog, which covers a variety of topics with a special emphasis on health.

We are sure that both our books will help you understand how to gain independence and autonomy over all aspects of your life.

This is why we are asking you to please help us promote our work, which you can do using any or all of the following methods:

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Please do not think that you are unable to do very much and therefore you do not need to do anything; every action, however small, has its effect.

Now is not the time for inertia, now is the time for action!

As Thomas Paine said:
“These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives everything its value.”

We thank you.


Our websites are:
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How You Can Avoid Cancer

As I write this it is approaching the end of October, which is often referred to as ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’ month and used as a vast marketing tool for the ‘mainstream medical establishment’ to browbeat women to ‘get themselves checked’. And in case men feel left out, November is ‘Prostate Cancer Awareness’ month with the same browbeating purpose.

This blog is not just about breast cancer or prostate cancer, it is about all forms of this most dreaded disease, but the shameless marketing in October and November highlights the industry’s lack of genuine care about your health.

All regular readers of this blog will know that I am not a fan of the mainstream medical establishment and so you will not be surprised that I look to other, more trustworthy health media outlets for news about health. I must state for the record that I applaud anyone who is promoting truly healthy lifestyle options and so this blog is not critical of these websites per se.

However, as the subject of cancer is predominant this month I have viewed 2 of the most popular ‘non-mainstream’ health websites for their comments on this very important health topic.

Mike Adams of Natural News featured an interview at the Burzynski Institute, where they have reported great success with gene-based, non-toxic treatments for certain cancers. However, despite the reported success of their treatments, Dr Stanislaw Burzynski has been villified and almost imprisoned for his pioneering work.

Dr Mercola featured on his website an interview of Dr Cedric F Garland, who stated that only 10% of cancers are genetic and who advocates the use of Vitamin D as a cure for breast cancer.

So, does this mean that Dr Burzynski can only treat 10% of cancers? Does it also mean that Vitamin D can only cure breast cancer?

What about all the other cancers? What about all the other successful treatments and cures? But, more importantly, what about prevention?

As I said, I applaud both of these websites because I know that their work has educated many people about health and about the failures of the ‘mainstream medical establishment’ and their websites do contain other information about cancer.

However, the fundamental question for everyone who is concerned about their health has to be; what can I do to ‘avoid’ this most dreadful and dreaded disease?

Surprisingly, the answer is simple, in order to avoid cancer you must be ‘healthy’. Whether you succumb to cancer is not a matter of ‘luck’, nor is it a matter of your genes; it really is a question of being healthy.

By this I mean truly healthy, which, contrary to the ‘mainstream medical’ view, does not mean merely the absence of disease or disease symptoms.

In fact, disease is not an ‘entity’ to be fought and destroyed, which is why the current ‘mainstream medical establishment’ view is incorrect and why they will never ‘win’ the war on cancer when they insist on ‘fighting disease’ especially with toxic substances.

This attitude of ‘fighting disease’ is a fundamental problem for the ‘mainstream medical establishment’ and a far-reaching one that includes the training undertaken by all medical students.

According to the late Dr Robert Mendelsohn MD,
“Medical school does its best to turn smart students stupid, honest students corrupt and healthy students sick. It isn’t very hard to turn a smart student into a stupid one. First of all, the admissions people make sure the professors will get weak-willed, authority-abiding students to work on. Then they give them a curriculum that is absolutely meaningless as far as healing or health are concerned.”

A shocking indictment indeed from a highly successful doctor who is not alone in this view of medical school training. Nor is he alone in being a medically-trained doctor who subsequently rejected the mainstream methods when he realised that they were not only ineffective but that many of them were actually harmful.

This indictment highlights the issues I have raised in all my blog posts about health and continue here on the subject of cancer.

In reference to a routine visit to your local doctor, Dr Mendelsohn offered the following advice:
“I don’t advise anyone who has no symptoms to go to the doctor for a physical examination. For people with symptoms, it’s not such a good idea, either. The entire diagnostic procedure — from the moment you enter the office to the moment you leave clutching a prescription or a referral appointment — is a seldom useful ritual.”

This advice applies to the ‘ritual’ for detecting breast cancer. Every year, and especially in October, women are frightened into accepting mammography as a proper diagnostic technique and submitting themselves for their annual check.

But how many of these women who are subjected to this ‘diagnostic’ are aware that it has been recognised for many decades throughout the scientific community that repeated x-rays are more likely to cause the very cancer they are purported to detect?

Where is this vital piece of evidence in the vast promotion for ‘breast cancer awareness’?

The cancer epidemic is approaching a 50% incidence rate; meaning that either you or your partner seems likely to be stricken by this ‘disease’.

It is prevention that must now be given full priority.

‘Prevention’ requires you to be aware of everything that you put both in and on your body, which means that you need to know what substances are carcinogenic so that you can avoid products that contain such carcinogens, or to be more precise, toxins.

There is a huge body of scientific literature on the subject of carcinogens. The leading light in this field is Dr Samuel S Epstein, M.D., who is the internationally recognised authority on the toxic and carcinogenic effects of environmental pollutants in air, water, and the workplace, and of ingredients and contaminants in consumer products – food, cosmetics and household products.

It is a gross failing of any government that allows industrial processes without safety studies being conducted on the chemicals used, but it is a category of negligence into which most governments fall. This is a topic so vast that it deserves a whole blog of its own, because it not only requires a discussion of the huge number of untested chemicals already in our environment, it also introduces the controversial subject of ‘testing’, which usually means animal testing or vivisection.

Included in Dr Epstein’s great body of work is the evidence that regular mammography increases the risk of breast cancer as well as being of dubious benefit, if any, for women who regularly receive this radiation. It is, of course, of great benefit for the industry that promotes it, because it greatly boosts their income.

More information on toxic substances can be found on the website of Dr Samuel Epstein HERE and from his many books.

Prevention means taking proper care of yourself and your body, which requires you to understand the real nature of ‘symptoms’; how they occur, what they mean and what to do about them; and to know that ‘health’ is not just absence of disease symptoms.

Sadly, you will not find the answers to the questions about cancer prevention from a visit to your mainstream-medically-trained local doctor’s surgery.

In the words of Dr Vernon Coleman, MB ChB DSc:
“In the last century the practice of medicine has become no more than an adjunct to the pharmaceutical industry and the other aspects of the huge, powerful and immensely profitable health care industry. Medicine is no longer an independent profession. Doctors have become nothing more than a link connecting the pharmaceutical industry to the consumer.”

Many doctors are genuine in their care and concern for their patients, which is why an increasing number of them are discovering for themselves that the ‘mainstream’ method they were taught at medical school does not work to improve the health of their patients.

An example of such a doctor was the late Dr Henry Bieler M.D., who based his classic book, Food is Your Best Medicine, on years of experimental and observational evidence that commenced with his experience when his own health suffered. In the Introduction to his book he states,
“I began to re-examine an old, old medical truism – that nature does the real healing……….. Under the proper conditions nature, if given the opportunity, is always the greatest healer.”

At the beginning of the 21st century you are faced with an even greater barrage of toxins than 50 years ago when Dr Bieler wrote his book, so, in order to give your body the proper conditions for nature to work, you need to be much more vigilant about all aspects of your life and how everything has the potential to impact your health.

To provide ‘nature’ with the ‘proper conditions to work’ requires you to take full responsibility for your own health and to take the appropriate actions to enable you to live a very full, healthy and cancer-free life.

Our book, Why Germs Don’t Make You Ill and Drugs Can’t Cure You, will provide you with what you need in order to understand what makes you ill, how to return to health and how to stay naturally healthy.

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More Media Lies About HIV

The BBC have done it again! They are disseminating propaganda as if it were news and unfortunately it is the lack of ‘science’ behind their ‘news’ that is causing real harm.

To explain, a story has recently emerged about 3 women who have died, supposedly as a result of stopping their HIV medication in order to let God heal them.

The first paragraph of this story reads, “At least three people in London with HIV have died after they stopped taking life saving drugs on the advice of their Evangelical Christian pastors.”

This is wrong on a number of levels, but in this blog I shall only deal with 2 of them, the ‘placebo effect’ and ‘HIV infection’.

Firstly, the placebo effect is widely known throughout the medical establishment as it is part of their ‘control’ mechanism for testing the efficacy of new treatments; in fact the double-blind, placebo-controlled study is regarded as their ‘gold standard’.

It is also well-known that during a double-blind, placebo-controlled study many participants in the placebo group will experience some improvement in their symptoms, which is interesting considering that they have only been taking a sugar pill.

Furthermore, and less widely known, there is the phenomenon of ‘spontaneous remission’, which refers to the complete disappearance of a ‘disease’ without any treatment at all.

It is clear that there is a proportion of the population who are able to improve their condition without the use of pharmaceutical products.

These results from the placebo effect and spontaneous remission prove the well-known phenomenon of the power of your mind, or the power of your beliefs.

There is a great deal of scientific evidence to support this phenomenon, which is ignored by the medical establishment for obvious reasons as it questions the need for the pharmaceutical industry.

The reason that everyone does not have the same response to placebos is quite simply that people have different belief systems. This may provide an explanation to the question of why some of the people mentioned in the BBC story were ‘cured’ and others were not.

The power of beliefs is explained more fully in our work on The Nature Of Reality, which you can access by clicking HERE

The other element of the story is the problem with ‘HIV infection’ and the concept of the ‘life saving drugs’.

Quite simply, truly unbiased, scientific evidence proves that HIV is not a pathogen, therefore it cannot ‘infect’ anyone, and more to the point it cannot kill anyone.

You may find that this statement challenges everything you have heard about HIV and AIDS, but that does not make it false.

It is an example of another piece of scientific evidence that is suppressed because it is not in the best interests of the pharmaceutical industry and is therefore kept from the general public by a largely compliant and uncritical mainstream media.

Most drugs should only be stopped under professional supervision and with a regimen of reduced dosages that taper off over time, because people can suffer from powerful ‘withdrawal effects’ from drugs, which can be dramatic and even fatal, something that is not mentioned in the BBC article.

It is quite possible that the 3 people who died fall into this category. But whether this is what happened in this case is not explained in the article and, without further investigation, is only speculation, however it is a point worth making. It is also worth noting that these points are not mentioned in the BBC article, which a really ‘balanced’ report would have mentioned; another example of the very biased reporting by the mainstream media.

What are more likely causes for these deaths are the toxic drugs that were prescribed for them in combination with other toxins that had accumulated in their bodies from food, water and the environment.

The BBC article ends with the following:
‘The recent House of Lords committee report into HIV awareness said faith groups’ approaches to supporting people with HIV had improved but more needed to be done.
“It is essential that faith leaders engage with HIV as an issue and provide effective and truthful support and communication around the subject,” it said.’

This would be laughable if only it were not so desperately tragic.

It is the mainstream medical industry and the mainstream media that do not provide ‘truthful support and communication’ about HIV. It is time that THEY were truthful about the issue so that people stop dying as a result of their lies.

It is definitely time to ‘provide effective and truthful support and communication around the subject’ of HIV once and for all. It is time that they took note of the real scientific evidence instead of the demands of the pharmaceutical industry.

If you would like more in depth information on the real story concerning the virus known as HIV, I heartily recommend Dr Peter Duesberg’s book, ‘Inventing the AIDS Virus’; the title says it all. This book should be an essential part of the reading list of every medical student, except it won’t be whilst the pharmaceutical industry is in charge of medical training.

If you would like to know more about the problem with the ‘germ theory’ and why germs do not make you ill, please read our book, which you can access from the link HERE

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Why The Official 911 Story is a Conspiracy Theory Not a Conspiracy Fact

In an earlier blog I wrote ” The events of that day have implications not only for the people of New York and not only for Americans; they have implications for absolutely everyone, wherever you live.”

I want to develop this point about the wider implications, because of their vital importance to each and every one of us in the world today.

There is currently a great deal of talk about ‘conspiracy theories’. Therefore it is very important to know the real definition of ‘conspiracy theory’ to be able to apply this definition to any item of ‘news’ that includes a reference to them.

The dictionary defines a ‘conspiracy’ as ‘a surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons’.

A ‘theory’ is an idea put forward until it is either proved or disproved, or, as the dictionary states, ‘a proposed explanation whose status is still conjectural’.

Unfortunately, the term ‘conspiracy theorist’ has now been effectively ‘hijacked’ in order to be used in a highly derogatory sense to label anyone who does not believe the official story on whatever topic is under discussion.

Whilst this may appear to be just an issue of name-calling, there is a very real and dangerous undertone to this matter.

The whole topic of ‘conspiracy theories’ has raised its level of importance recently as a result of the forthcoming election in the United States and the characters involved in Obama’s re-election campaign.

In 2008, Cass Sunstein, who is head of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) in the current Obama administration, co-authored a paper called ‘Conspiracy Theories’. Whilst it purports to discuss conspiracy theories in general, it specifically names the events of 9/11 as a recent example.

The paper makes the very clear point that only those who do NOT believe that 9/11 was carried out by al-Qaeda are conspiracy theorists and states that “Conspiracy theorists are not likely to be persuaded by an attempt to dispel their theories”.

As many other commentators on 9/11 have pointed out, the official story of the events of 9/11 is a ‘conspiracy theory’, because Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda were quoted as being the perpetrators of the attacks before any investigation was carried out. Therefore the official story from the very beginning is a ‘proposed explanation of a plan formulated by two or more people’.

In other words, the official story is the epitome of a ‘conspiracy theory’, using the very definition put forward by Cass Sunstein and his co-author Adrian Vermeule, and is supported by many people who will not be persuaded by the vast amount of evidence that clearly dispels their theory.

Unfortunately for their argument their ‘theory’ has yet to be proved, beyond reasonable doubt. However, this lack of proof to support their theory does not seem to worry them.

And this is precisely the crux of the problem, because it is the supporters of the official story who currently hold the positions of power, and not just power within the United States, which is why this is not just an issue for Americans. And it is precisely these people in the positions of power, who are perpetuating the so-called ‘war on terror’, who are holding on to the official story, aided and abetted by a compliant corporate-controlled mainstream media.

Because there is still a great deal of information that is unavailable, it is not possible to know exactly who are the perpetrators of the events of that day. What is clear from the evidence is that certain aspects of the official story are ‘physically impossible’.

It is therefore imperative that everyone looks at the vast amount of incontrovertible evidence that supports the stance that al-Qaeda, as portrayed in the media, could not possibly have carried out the 9/11 attacks. Once you have studied the evidence, it is extremely likely that you will also not agree with the official story, or at least have very grave doubts about it.

It is for this reason that everyone must become aware of the reasons why the official story is a lie and join the growing numbers of people who are calling for a new and truly independent investigation into the events of that day.

The importance of this issue cannot be overstated because of the consequences of allowing the real perpetrators of 9/11, whoever they are, to continue in positions of power where they can continue to erode our rights and freedoms as embodied in the UN International Declaration of Human Rights. If you do not have a copy of this important document, you can download it from HERE

Please read this document and understand how these very rights are being taken away from us in the name of the phony ‘war on terror’, which has been rightly renamed as the ‘war of terror’. These are inalienable rights that belong to us as human beings and should not be allowed to be overridden under any circumstances.

The people in the governments of the world should have these rights in the forefront of their minds when considering their policies. These elected officials should also be accountable to the people who elected them and a truly independent media should be the ‘watchdogs’ reporting to the people. With this system in place, we can be in a position to hold governments to account for their actions and be able to stop them from taking actions that are against the wishes of the people; including the action of initiating wars that contravene international law as well as the articles embodied in the Declaration of Human Rights.

It is not my intention, however, to discuss in this blog the illegalities of the wars that have been waged in the name of the ‘war on terror’.

What is important is to understand that the stated purpose of these wars is not their real purpose, which becomes apparent when you investigate the whole issue and uncover the historical evidence of the many ‘false flag’ events that have occurred; you will also discover the connections that various governments and secret service agencies have with these ‘terrorist’ organisations.

What then becomes apparent is that we must not let ourselves be terrorised into living in fear of terrorists, because they do not exist in the way they are purported to exist.

But most of all, we cannot sit back and do nothing, because that way we allow those who seek to control us to ‘win’.

The most important part you can play is to educate yourself about the events of 9/11, if you have not already done so, then please pass the message on to everyone you know.

When a sufficiently large percentage of people know that the official story IS the ‘conspiracy theory’, we can start to realise that we need different people in the positions of power; people who understand that the role of ‘government’ is to carry out the wishes of the people and who are therefore accountable to us, which of course means that if they fail to carry out the appropriate policies, they can be removed from office.

In addition to having the right people in ‘government’, we also need the right people in the media, so that they will do what they are supposed to do, which is to investigate and report the news, honestly and with integrity, which they are currently failing to do; but that is the subject of another blog.

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Why The Official 911 Story is a Lie

If you only obtain your news from mainstream sources, you are probably still under the impression that the tragic events of September 11th 2001 were the work of 19 terrorists who hijacked 4 planes. They then expertly flew those planes, deliberately crashing 2 of them into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre in New York and crashing another plane into the Pentagon after an extremely expert manoeuvre. The hijackers of the 4th plane were somehow overpowered by the passengers and crew but still subsequently crashed into a muddy field in Pennsylvania.

If you believe this is the true story of the events of that day, and many people still do believe it, it may be a real shock to you to learn that nothing could be further from the truth.

Whilst all the details about the events of that day are still not fully known, what IS known is that the official story promulgated by the U.S. and other governments via the world mainstream media, and most recently by the BBC, is most definitely not true.

The statement that ‘the official story is not true’ is based on vast amounts of evidence and leads to the inevitable conclusion that if the official story is a lie, there must be a different story.

But, before you shout ‘conspiracy theory’, please read below a small sample of the compelling evidence for this view:

1. The collapse of the Twin Towers due to fires alone is ‘physically impossible’, according to expert scientists, especially as
a) the Towers were designed to withstand the impact of a large plane and
b) the steel frames were certified to have been easily able to withstand fires caused by burning jet fuel without collapsing.

2. All three WTC building collapses reveal many features of controlled demolition, in addition to this fact there are a large number of witnesses who heard explosions in various parts of each of the buildings before they collapsed.

3. All three Towers collapsed at almost free-fall speed as if there was no resistance from the thousands of tons of structure below. This also is physically impossible, except in the circumstances that the resistance was removed by controlled demolition.

A further problem arises from the speedy ‘Ground Zero cleanup’ operation, which cleared away and sold off large amounts of the steel from the Towers before it could be examined, effectively removing evidence from a crime scene. This begs the question, why was crucial forensic evidence removed so quickly?

Amongst the debris that was collected by various people even before the ‘cleanup’ there was sufficient evidence of explosive materials that has been identified as such by experts, many of whom belong to the ’911 truth movement’.

This vast 911 truth movement includes a great number of highly qualified architects, engineers, physicists and other professionals who have studied the evidence and have been convinced that such evidence not only does not support the official story but that it quite clearly supports the story of an ‘inside job’.

Some people, David Ray Griffin in particular, have studied the 911 Commission Report and found it full of errors and omissions. Others, Dr Steven Jones in particular, have studied the NIST Report and found that its conclusion of ‘fires plus impact damage’ being responsible for the collapse of the Towers is not supported by the evidence. Dr Jones, amongst others, has conducted several experiments to support his controlled-demolition hypothesis.

As the evidence proves, the Twin Towers and WTC7 were brought down by controlled demolitions that were very carefully planned and executed. This type of operation would have taken months to organise.

The main thrust of the 911 truth movement is to force a new investigation; but this time an investigation that is truly independent; one that will look at all of the evidence; one that will listen to all the witness testimonies and one that will not start from the assumption that Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda terrorists were responsible.

The new investigation must answer questions that the 911 Commission Report avoided or ignored. Among the questions to be answered are:
What really happened on September 11th 2001?
Who was responsible for the events of that day and the deaths of over 3000 people?
Who were the alleged ‘hijackers’?
Were the planes hijacked at all? If they were not, what really happened to those planes and their passengers?
If Osama bin Laden died in December 2001, who was the person impersonating him in the ‘videos’ supposedly claiming responsibility?
Was this another ‘false flag’ attack designed to initiate a ‘war on terror’ in order for an elite group within the US to implement their already stated aims encapsulated within the document by PNAC called “Rebuilding America’s Defenses”, calling for ‘A New Pearl Harbor’?

The events of that day have implications not only for the people of New York and not only for Americans; they have implications for absolutely everyone, wherever you live.

Whilst it is important that you make up your own mind, you cannot make an informed decision if you do not have all the information you need to make that informed decision.

Therefore it is important to familiarise yourself with the evidence, no matter how the mainstream media choose to refute such evidence, however, please be aware that what I have listed in this blog is only a very small sample of the evidence that is available.

If, like many thousands of other people around the world, you view the evidence and are convinced that it proves the official story is a lie, please send a link to this blog to everyone you know.

There is no ‘war on terrorism’; it is a war on our freedom. We have a right to our freedom; we must not allow our freedom to be taken away from us.

If you are new to this information, or if you are aware of it but you wish to know more, the following websites will be extremely useful as they have been set up by some of the professionals referred to and contain plenty of information that you will not find in the mainstream media.

Additionally, please watch the preview to a new documentary from the link HERE

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Your Human Rights are Being Abused

Abuse of Human Rights is something that you probably tend to think of as something that happens in ‘other countries’; something that happens in ‘Third World’ countries when dictators take over and install repressive regimes.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Because, the sad truth is that we are all suffering from our Human Rights being abused, no matter where we live.

If you think this is an exaggeration, I would ask if you are actually aware of your human rights as codified in the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948?

If not, please download and read this 2-page document; it is essential reading as it embodies the natural ‘code’ by which we should all live. Download from the link HERE

Whatever else the United Nations may do, especially the Security Council, the Declaration of Human Rights is the most important work they have ever done.

It also embodies the essence of the Declaration of Independence as stated by Thomas Jefferson:

“We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness –That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men…”

Wherever you live, it is quite likely that your rights are being eroded, especially, but not exclusively, under the guise of both ‘the war on terror’ and the ‘banking crisis’.

I am claiming my right under Article 19 of the Declaration of Human Rights to my freedom of expression to tell you that both the ‘war on terror’ and ‘the banking crisis’ are based on lies.

The ‘war’ is in fact a war to erode our rights and effectively ‘divide and conquer’ us by making us scared of the ‘terrorists’, when in fact the real terrorists are those who are in charge of supposedly protecting us.

The ‘banking crisis’ is based on a money system that is designed to impoverish and enslave us; the whole system of how money is created and who is in charge of the money needs to be changed.

‘Government’ is supposed to be a representative body to carry out actions on behalf of the people; it is supposed to be ‘of the people, by the people, for the people’.

For a further example, take the words of James Wilson, one of the lesser known of America’s founding fathers:
“Government … should be formed to secure and enlarge the exercise of the natural rights of its members; and every government which has not this in view as its principal object is not a government of the legitimate kind.”

Unfortunately, for the most part, the ‘governments’ of most countries are not governments of the legitimate kind because it is the ‘governments’ that are lying to us.

The ‘people’ who are in charge no longer ‘exercise the natural rights’ of the members of their country, instead their actions are designed to benefit themselves, Big Business and, most importantly, the elites who are behind them.

This is no conspiracy theory, this is conspiracy fact.

To quote Hitler, “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”

The lies we have been told are so big that, for the most part and with the co-operation of a controlled and compliant mainstream media, most people believe them.

Most people believe that we are being threatened by terrorists bent on destroying our ‘freedom’. Unfortunately the laws that have been enacted to purportedly defend those freedoms have the completely opposite effect; they are eroding our freedoms in the name of freedom. Ironic indeed!!

Some relevant quotes from George Orwell,
“All political thinking for years past has been vitiated in the same way. People can foresee the future only when it coincides with their own wishes, and the most grossly obvious facts can be ignored when they are unwelcome.”
“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”
“All the war-propaganda, all the screaming and lies and hatred, comes invariably from people who are not fighting.”

If all of this is news to you, please visit the videos page of our website, from the link HERE, where you can view a number of films that will provide you with the information you need to understand what is happening in the world today and why things are the way they are and what you can do about it.

Then it is up to you what you choose to do about it, which is indeed your right.

However, we believe in your Right to have all the information you need, which is why we are making this information available to you.

As the United Nations states on its document, “They are your rights, familiarise yourself with them. Help to promote and defend them for yourself as well as for your fellow human beings.”

Please help us to spread this information in the ‘spirit of brotherhood’.

We all have the ‘right’ to claim our Human Rights for ourselves and for everyone in the world so that we can all have ‘life, liberty and security of person’.

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