About Us

NoR is the collective writing name of a group of researchers.

We believe that the true purpose of education is to stimulate people to think for themselves. Our intention is for our writing to inspire people to look beneath the often misleading ‘veneer’ on information that is promulgated by many official sources.

For more information about us and our work please visit our website www.howtobenaturallyhealthy.com

You can also contact us via our website.


How You Can Help Us

The aim of our work is to provide information that is not available through the mainstream media; largely because the mainstream media is owned and controlled by a very small group of corporations that promulgate misinformation, and even in some cases disinformation, on topics that are of vital importance to every one of us.

One of the most important of these topics is health and it may be a surprise to learn that the current mainstream medical system is wrong, because it is based on a false premise about ‘health’.

Unfortunately it is such a fundamental error that it will only lead to ever increasing ill-health for you and your family if you follow the mainstream medical system.

Although health is the main topic of our book, we also research and write about many other important and interesting topics which you can find on our blog; topics such as September 11th, human rights issues and the global banking crisis for example.

It is vital that our work is spread to as many people as possible in order to counter the misinformation promulgated through the mainstream media. After all, it is only with all the information you require that you can make informed decisions.

With this in mind, we ask you to please help us promote our work.

You can do this using any or all of the following methods:

a) Send emails with a link to our website to anyone and everyone you know, family, friends and colleagues.

b) Post our website on your Facebook profile and encourage your Facebook friends to tell their friends about our work.

c) Tweet about us and our work.

d) Share links to the video page on our website with your friends, family and colleagues.

e) Share links to our blogs with your friends, family and colleagues.

f) Buy our book and recommend it to everyone you know.

Buying our book will provide you with essential information about health for you and your family. It will also assist our continuing research into this very vital area that is important to everyone in the world. True health-care for all cannot be attained under the current medical system. Not only will our book help fund our continuing research into health matters, it will also provide you with vital information you and your family need to be and remain naturally healthy.

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