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How Overfed and Underfed Children Can Both Be Malnourished

I recently listened to Webster Griffin Tarpley’s broadcast of 26 November 2011 about his recent trip to Syria. You can find the broadcast on his website. I do not intend to discuss the political content, although it is interesting, but … Continue reading

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How You Can Avoid Cancer

As I write this it is approaching the end of October, which is often referred to as ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’ month and used as a vast marketing tool for the ‘mainstream medical establishment’ to browbeat women to ‘get themselves checked’. … Continue reading

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A Life Without Hay Fever is Possible!

If you suffer with hay fever you have probably been told that you are ‘allergic’ to some form of pollen, that it is not curable and that you can ‘manage’ the condition by not going outside when the pollen count … Continue reading

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Say No to GMO!

There are many ways to convey an important message to people and song lyrics are no exception, especially when attached to a video allowing for the additional visual impact of the message. It was therefore interesting, but not surprising, that … Continue reading

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The Real Causes of Shaken Baby Syndrome That The Mainstream Media Fail To Tell You

A recent article in a UK newspaper suggested that about half of parents convicted of shaken baby syndrome (SBS) have been wrongly accused. However, a thorough investigation of all the scientific evidence shows that the real percentage of wrongly convicted … Continue reading

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