Fluoride – The Hidden Poison

Fluoride is a worldwide problem, because the WHO (World Health Organization) states that fluoride has beneficial effects in reducing the incidence of tooth decay and the policies of the WHO affect us all, wherever we live.

So you may be wondering what is the issue that requires a blog entry?

Quite simply, fluoride is a poison.

Fluoride is a known neurotoxin.

Fluoride has been linked in scientific studies to increased incidence of bone cancer.

Fluoride is so dangerous it is used in rat poison.

If this is news to you, read on.

Dr Paul Connett has been researching the whole subject of fluoride for about 15 years and on his website is a statement written by him in 2000, which includes the following:
“The more I have read the more concerned I have become over the dangers posed by fluoride and the very poor science underpinning its supposed efficacy in protecting children’s teeth. How we ever allowed such a toxic substance into the drinking water is staggering. Even though fluoride’s toxicity is rated higher than lead, the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) maximum contaminant level for lead in water is 15 ppb (parts per billion) whereas the level allowed for fluoride is 4,000 ppb. The recommended level for artificial fluoridation of the drinking water of 1 part per million (1 ppm = 1,000 ppb) was established in 1945, and it hasn’t been changed since, even though today we (and our children) are getting fluoride from many other additional sources, including toothpaste, other dental products, mouthwashes, processed food, some vitamin tablets, and beverages.”

For further information about your possible sources of fluoride exposure please click HERE

It is also possible that the salt you consume may have been fluoridated.
According to The National Fluoride Information Centre:
“Salt fluoridation was introduced in Switzerland in 1955 and it is now estimated that fluoridated salt is available to nearly 200 million people worldwide, including Europe, Central and South America and the Caribbean. It is the preferred method of fluoridation on mainland Europe and is widely available in France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Czech Republic and Slovakia.”

However, you may feel that the benefits of fluoride for the prevention of tooth decay outweigh these dangers. If this is so and if you are unfamiliar with the counter-argument to the so-called ‘benefits’ of fluoride, the following will be revelatory.

According to Dr Connett, when asked in an interview “How much fluoride is there in a typical size of toothpaste? Is there enough to kill one child?” he answered “The child would probably be sick, vomit long before they got through a whole tube of toothpaste. But there is no question that fluoride, not an excessive amount, can cause serious harm. There have been examples of children who swallowed the gel that is used for topical treatment and they died as a consequence. So fluoride is extreme.”

Further evidence is provided by Dr. Phyllis J. Mullenix, Ph.D, who is a pharmacologist and toxicologist by training. In the 1980s, Dr. Mullenix was Head of the Toxicology Department at the Forsyth Dental Center, a world renowned dental research institution affiliated with the Harvard Medical School. She was invited to start Forsyth’s Toxicology Department because of her expertise in neurotoxicology.

“Using an animal model developed for the study of dental fluorosis, we expected rats drinking fluoride-treated water would behave the same as matching controls. They did not. The scientific literature led us to believe that rats would easily tolerate 175 ppm fluoride in their drinking water. They did not. Reports in the literature indicated that fluoride would not cross the blood brain barrier. But it did. Prenatal exposure to fluoride was not supposed to permanently alter behavioral outcome. It did. Like walking into quicksand our confidence that brain function was impervious to fluoride was sinking.”
“We concluded that the rat study flagged potential for motor dysfunction, IQ deficits and/or learning disabilities in humans. Confident as we were, the data were only one piece of the puzzle, the overall picture was still emerging. Soon thereafter we learned of two epidemiological studies (Fluoride, 1995-1996) from China showing IQ deficits in children over-exposed to fluoride via drinking water or soot from burning coal. A recent review (International Clinical Psychopharmacology, 1994) listed case reports of CNS effects in humans excessively exposed to fluoride, information that spans almost 60 years. A common theme appeared in the reported effects: impaired memory and concentration, lethargy, headache, depression and confusion.”

Scientific evidence from Chinese research on Fluoride’s neurotoxicity is available from HERE

But if you are in any doubt about the dangers of fluoride, these words by Dr Russell Blaylock MD from his book Health and Nutrition Secrets, should help you.
“We have seriously contaminated our food and beverage supply. But there is one instance where the danger is higher than in all of these examples, and that is the drinks packaged in aluminium cans and bottles, including beers, fruit juices, sodas, and other popular drinks. Aluminium is also very toxic, especially to the nervous system. When aluminium is combined with fluoride, even in minute concentrations, it forms a very powerful brain toxin.
So in the case of diet drinks in aluminium cans, the very brain-toxic aluminium fluoride compound co-exists with multiple toxins found in aspartame, thus creating the most powerful governement-approved toxic soup imaginable. With the strong association among aluminium, excitotoxins, aluminium fluoride complexes, and Alzheimer’s disease, it would be completely irresponsible to encourage people to consume this toxic mixture. Yet, this is done literally billions of times every year in advertising. It is important to remember that the aluminium can has been around for only about 3 decades, and most toxin-related diseases take years of accumulation to produce the full clinical expression of the disorder.”

More information on the extent of fluoride pollution is available HERE

You can watch a recent and extremely interesting interview with Dr Paul Connett.
Part 1 HERE
Part 2 HERE

Fortunately there are now many products that are fluoride free.

Now that you know some of the toxins contained in the products you and your family use both in and on your bodies, checking their ingredients has never been more important.

You can find out more about this subject in our book, Why Germs Don’t Make You Ill & Drugs Can’t Cure You.

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