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As I write this it is approaching the end of October, which is often referred to as ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’ month and used as a vast marketing tool for the ‘mainstream medical establishment’ to browbeat women to ‘get themselves checked’. And in case men feel left out, November is ‘Prostate Cancer Awareness’ month with the same browbeating purpose.

This blog is not just about breast cancer or prostate cancer, it is about all forms of this most dreaded disease, but the shameless marketing in October and November highlights the industry’s lack of genuine care about your health.

All regular readers of this blog will know that I am not a fan of the mainstream medical establishment and so you will not be surprised that I look to other, more trustworthy health media outlets for news about health. I must state for the record that I applaud anyone who is promoting truly healthy lifestyle options and so this blog is not critical of these websites per se.

However, as the subject of cancer is predominant this month I have viewed 2 of the most popular ‘non-mainstream’ health websites for their comments on this very important health topic.

Mike Adams of Natural News featured an interview at the Burzynski Institute, where they have reported great success with gene-based, non-toxic treatments for certain cancers. However, despite the reported success of their treatments, Dr Stanislaw Burzynski has been villified and almost imprisoned for his pioneering work.

Dr Mercola featured on his website an interview of Dr Cedric F Garland, who stated that only 10% of cancers are genetic and who advocates the use of Vitamin D as a cure for breast cancer.

So, does this mean that Dr Burzynski can only treat 10% of cancers? Does it also mean that Vitamin D can only cure breast cancer?

What about all the other cancers? What about all the other successful treatments and cures? But, more importantly, what about prevention?

As I said, I applaud both of these websites because I know that their work has educated many people about health and about the failures of the ‘mainstream medical establishment’ and their websites do contain other information about cancer.

However, the fundamental question for everyone who is concerned about their health has to be; what can I do to ‘avoid’ this most dreadful and dreaded disease?

Surprisingly, the answer is simple, in order to avoid cancer you must be ‘healthy’. Whether you succumb to cancer is not a matter of ‘luck’, nor is it a matter of your genes; it really is a question of being healthy.

By this I mean truly healthy, which, contrary to the ‘mainstream medical’ view, does not mean merely the absence of disease or disease symptoms.

In fact, disease is not an ‘entity’ to be fought and destroyed, which is why the current ‘mainstream medical establishment’ view is incorrect and why they will never ‘win’ the war on cancer when they insist on ‘fighting disease’ especially with toxic substances.

This attitude of ‘fighting disease’ is a fundamental problem for the ‘mainstream medical establishment’ and a far-reaching one that includes the training undertaken by all medical students.

According to the late Dr Robert Mendelsohn MD,
“Medical school does its best to turn smart students stupid, honest students corrupt and healthy students sick. It isn’t very hard to turn a smart student into a stupid one. First of all, the admissions people make sure the professors will get weak-willed, authority-abiding students to work on. Then they give them a curriculum that is absolutely meaningless as far as healing or health are concerned.”

A shocking indictment indeed from a highly successful doctor who is not alone in this view of medical school training. Nor is he alone in being a medically-trained doctor who subsequently rejected the mainstream methods when he realised that they were not only ineffective but that many of them were actually harmful.

This indictment highlights the issues I have raised in all my blog posts about health and continue here on the subject of cancer.

In reference to a routine visit to your local doctor, Dr Mendelsohn offered the following advice:
“I don’t advise anyone who has no symptoms to go to the doctor for a physical examination. For people with symptoms, it’s not such a good idea, either. The entire diagnostic procedure — from the moment you enter the office to the moment you leave clutching a prescription or a referral appointment — is a seldom useful ritual.”

This advice applies to the ‘ritual’ for detecting breast cancer. Every year, and especially in October, women are frightened into accepting mammography as a proper diagnostic technique and submitting themselves for their annual check.

But how many of these women who are subjected to this ‘diagnostic’ are aware that it has been recognised for many decades throughout the scientific community that repeated x-rays are more likely to cause the very cancer they are purported to detect?

Where is this vital piece of evidence in the vast promotion for ‘breast cancer awareness’?

The cancer epidemic is approaching a 50% incidence rate; meaning that either you or your partner seems likely to be stricken by this ‘disease’.

It is prevention that must now be given full priority.

‘Prevention’ requires you to be aware of everything that you put both in and on your body, which means that you need to know what substances are carcinogenic so that you can avoid products that contain such carcinogens, or to be more precise, toxins.

There is a huge body of scientific literature on the subject of carcinogens. The leading light in this field is Dr Samuel S Epstein, M.D., who is the internationally recognised authority on the toxic and carcinogenic effects of environmental pollutants in air, water, and the workplace, and of ingredients and contaminants in consumer products – food, cosmetics and household products.

It is a gross failing of any government that allows industrial processes without safety studies being conducted on the chemicals used, but it is a category of negligence into which most governments fall. This is a topic so vast that it deserves a whole blog of its own, because it not only requires a discussion of the huge number of untested chemicals already in our environment, it also introduces the controversial subject of ‘testing’, which usually means animal testing or vivisection.

Included in Dr Epstein’s great body of work is the evidence that regular mammography increases the risk of breast cancer as well as being of dubious benefit, if any, for women who regularly receive this radiation. It is, of course, of great benefit for the industry that promotes it, because it greatly boosts their income.

More information on toxic substances can be found on the website of Dr Samuel Epstein HERE and from his many books.

Prevention means taking proper care of yourself and your body, which requires you to understand the real nature of ‘symptoms’; how they occur, what they mean and what to do about them; and to know that ‘health’ is not just absence of disease symptoms.

Sadly, you will not find the answers to the questions about cancer prevention from a visit to your mainstream-medically-trained local doctor’s surgery.

In the words of Dr Vernon Coleman, MB ChB DSc:
“In the last century the practice of medicine has become no more than an adjunct to the pharmaceutical industry and the other aspects of the huge, powerful and immensely profitable health care industry. Medicine is no longer an independent profession. Doctors have become nothing more than a link connecting the pharmaceutical industry to the consumer.”

Many doctors are genuine in their care and concern for their patients, which is why an increasing number of them are discovering for themselves that the ‘mainstream’ method they were taught at medical school does not work to improve the health of their patients.

An example of such a doctor was the late Dr Henry Bieler M.D., who based his classic book, Food is Your Best Medicine, on years of experimental and observational evidence that commenced with his experience when his own health suffered. In the Introduction to his book he states,
“I began to re-examine an old, old medical truism – that nature does the real healing……….. Under the proper conditions nature, if given the opportunity, is always the greatest healer.”

At the beginning of the 21st century you are faced with an even greater barrage of toxins than 50 years ago when Dr Bieler wrote his book, so, in order to give your body the proper conditions for nature to work, you need to be much more vigilant about all aspects of your life and how everything has the potential to impact your health.

To provide ‘nature’ with the ‘proper conditions to work’ requires you to take full responsibility for your own health and to take the appropriate actions to enable you to live a very full, healthy and cancer-free life.

Our book, Why Germs Don’t Make You Ill and Drugs Can’t Cure You, will provide you with what you need in order to understand what makes you ill, how to return to health and how to stay naturally healthy.

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