The Real Causes of Shaken Baby Syndrome That The Mainstream Media Fail To Tell You

A recent article in a UK newspaper suggested that about half of parents convicted of shaken baby syndrome (SBS) have been wrongly accused. However, a thorough investigation of all the scientific evidence shows that the real percentage of wrongly convicted people could be much higher than this.

You can read the article HERE

In this article Dr Squier states that the ‘triad’, which are the symptoms used for ‘proving’ that the baby died from SBS and gaining a conviction, can result from normal circumstances.

However, study of the literature on SBS uncovers scientific evidence for valid alternative explanations of the injuries found on the ‘shaken babies’ that are neither ‘normal causes’ nor ‘inflicted trauma’.

What is extremely disturbing from the evidence is that these injuries can be caused by a combination of multiple vaccinations and other conditions that rapidly absorb the baby’s store of vitamin C, or to give it its correct name ascorbic acid, to the point of creating infantile scurvy.

Although you may be aware of the disease called scurvy, you may think it was something that only sailors suffered on their long sea voyages in the 18th century and that it was cured when they had adequate fresh food, specifically including limes or lemons.

However, the story is more complex and is still relevant today, for a lack of ascorbic acid can result in a variety of symptoms that are mistakenly attributed to other causes and, even more worryingly, sub-clinical scurvy is far more prevalent than is generally acknowledged by the mainstream medical establishment, as will become more obvious from the rest of this blog.

With specific reference to SBS Dr Archie Kalokerinos MD, a true medical pioneer, has this to say;
“There is no doubt that it is possible to shake a baby to death. But in more than forty cases that I have investigated there has been real evidence to suggest strongly that the babies were not shaken, but the hemorrhages that were found at the autopsies, which could be in the retinas, in the brain or the membranes surrounding the brain are caused by disturbances in coagulation-bleeding factors. And the so-called fractures that are found in these babies are not true fractures. ……….the bone changes, that to the uninitiated look exactly like trauma initiated fractures, are not, they are a variety of scurvy. But, authorities say you don’t get scurvy in a baby under the age of six months. That was largely true in the old days. But nowadays with antibiotics, with mothers smoking, with failure to exclusively breast feed and the administration of vaccines these bone changes can occur at a much earlier age. And, furthermore, it is possible in experimental animals to develop these bone changes in the fetus before birth, while in the uterus. They look like trauma-induced fractures but are actually induced by a deficiency of Vitamin C, which can affect areas in bone where rapid growth is occurring.”

You may think that in our modern era of medical progress the idea that babies can have scurvy is absurd. But nothing could be further from the truth, because the importance of a proper level of ascorbic acid in the human diet has been unfairly marginalised, by certain vested interests, in terms of scientific research.

By comparison to the huge investment in pharmaceuticals, relatively little has been invested in research on the severe damage that can be caused to the body by free radicals and the vital importance of a really adequate antioxidant intake, particularly in the form of ascorbic acid (vitamin C), to neutralise the free radicals before they cause damage.

But there is more to ascorbic acid than just being a superb antioxidant, it is an essential element for life.

Interestingly, humans are one of only a few species that are unable to manufacture ascorbic acid internally, which means therefore that it is essential for us to obtain it from our diet.

If we humans do not obtain an adequate amount of ascorbic acid in our diet we become ill. If the deficiency is prolonged we become seriously ill, which can manifest in a variety of symptoms, and if this deficiency is not corrected, death will follow.

There are many doctors who have spent many years studying ascorbic acid and its importance in human health and disease, both in prevention and cure, including Nobel Prize Laureate Linus Pauling, as well as Dr Fred Klenner MD, Dr Irwin Stone, Dr Abram Hoffer MD to name but a few of the pioneers.

Although marginalised because of vested interests by the mainstream medical establishment, their work has fortunately not been completely ignored and many others continue their work today, including Dr Archie Kalokerinos MD and Dr Harold Buttram MD.

Dr Harold Buttram says the following about induced brain injuries in laboratory animals;
“It is noteworthy that vaccines such as pertussis (whooping cough) are used to induce allergic encephalomyelitis in laboratory animals. This is characterized by brain swelling and hemorrhaging similar to that caused by mechanical injuries.”

Tellingly, he also says,
“Other than occasional anecdotal reports, there is little to be found in the medical literature implicating vaccines in causing brain edema and perivascular/meningeal lymphocytic infiltrations in humans, probably because the phenomenon has never been systematically studied.”

The phenomenon called SBS is a tragedy that occurs because a complete study of vaccine-damage is virtually impossible due to the lack of funding for such research. This gap in research occurs because most funding is provided by the pharmaceutical industry that heavily promotes vaccines and assures us they are safe and effective. But vaccines have not been proven to be either safe or effective, as demonstrated in this report HERE

Dr Buttram also states
“One of the primary complications of scurvy being hemorrhage from weakened blood vessels, vitamin C deficiency could conceivably play a role in vaccine-induced encephalopathy/hemorrhagic syndrome.”

For these reasons, it is likely that the doctors who give evidence for the prosecution of adults in ‘shaken baby syndrome’ cases are inadequately knowledgeable and should only be called ‘expert’ witnesses if they are aware of all the literature about the symptoms that can manifest as a result of either a vitamin C deficiency or damage by a recent vaccine or a combination of both.

Of course the possibility should not be ruled out that just occasionally there might be a real case of abuse, but the medical experts must be absolutely sure how to tell the difference between the symptoms of abuse and those of underlying health problems in order to save many parents suffering from both the death of their baby and the injustice of serving a prison sentence for a crime they did not commit.

In commenting on the case of Alan Yurko who served 7 years in prison, having been convicted for allegedly shaking his baby, Dr Archie Kalokerinos had this to say,
“The real significance of Alan Yurko’s case goes far beyond Alan Yurko. If doctors took the time and trouble to sit down and study the literature as they should, and understand pediatrics like they have never understood it before, they will save a tremendous amount of suffering; they will save many, many infant deaths.”

The sad story of the Alan Yurko case is told in the video, Vaccine Nation, a link to which is available from HERE as well as the website HERE

You can watch an in-depth presentation by Dr Viera Scheibner and Bronwyn Hancock of Vaccination Information Service that includes many other stories by parents who have suffered the same tragic loss as well as interviews with Dr Kalokerinos from the link HERE

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