Vivisection is Unscientific

It is quite likely that the subject of vivisection makes you feel uncomfortable, but nevertheless you may still consider that it is an essential part of scientific and medical investigation; that without these experiments medical progress would be severely hampered.

To put it bluntly, in order to ensure that the human race receives the medical care it deserves, the poor animals must suffer.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

However, the basis for this statement is not the moral argument about whether or not it is right for animals to suffer, but on the scientific basis of using animals as a suitable model for humans.

The scientific evidence shows that, contrary to what we are told, there is no animal species that is a suitable model for humans.

The ONLY correct models for humans are, without exception, humans.

But even humans vary physiologically. After all, different people react differently to different substances.

Take the obvious example of allergies; some people have ‘allergic’ reactions to certain substances to which other people do not react. So even humans cannot be reliable models for all other humans.

A further vital point that is rarely, if ever, divulged by vivisectors is that using an animal as a model for investigating human diseases would only be relevant if animals generally suffered from the same diseases as humans.

However, the evidence shows that in the vast number of cases, animals do not contract the same diseases as humans and therefore, in order to be able to undertake a study, diseased states are artificially created in the animals. This artificial process can never provide a proper scientific model for how a natural disease will occur and develop and therefore can never be a reliable indicator for assessing the correct treatment of the disease in humans.

The evidence also shows that animal reactions to chemicals, drugs and food additives can vary within a species. Vast differences can occur in the results of experiments on a range of animals and these differences can be dose related, for example a very low dose of one chemical may have a dramatic effect on a mouse and yet a large dose of the same chemical may only have a very small effect on a rat.

All of this confusion can only leave the ‘researcher’ wondering which animal model to use as the basis for how humans may (or may not) react.

And in case you may be wondering why apes should not be used as suitable models, because after all they are genetically closest to man, the following should clarify the position:

“There are many known differences between chimps and humans. Certainly there are enough differences to make the use of chimps for medical experiments as if they were human nonsensical. No chimps … have been of any use in the experiments they were used for … .The whole wretched business (and it is big business) should be stopped and stopped now.” Professor Vernon Reynolds, primatologist and professor of biological anthropology, University of Oxford

To ensure that you are left in no doubt as to why rats and mice are used, it is quite definitely not because they are sufficiently similar to humans to be suitable models but because they are cheap, small and easy to handle: these are not scientific criteria!

The former vivisector Professor Pietro Croce’s own words sum up the situation :

“Even the choice between different species of animal is illusory: actually one is not even speaking of there being a choice at all, but of a kind of fishing blindly among different possibilities in a haphazard way or, worse, according to opportunistic criteria in deciding which animal is more or less convenient: the mouse, the rabbit, the guinea pig are “convenient” because they are easy to keep; cats and dogs because they are easily and cheaply obtainable: everything except the one element which ought to be the deciding factor: an animal having morphological, physiological and biochemical characteristics applicable to man. However, such an animal can only be man himself.
An experimental model of the human being does not exist. Every species, all the varieties of animals and even individuals of the same species are different from each other. No experimentation carried out on one species can be extrapolated to any other, including man. To suppose that such extrapolation could be legitimate is the main reason for the failure and sometimes for the catastrophes which are inflicted upon us by modern medicine, especially in the area of drugs. Too little is spoken or written about certain facts, partly in deference to a ‘science’ which purports to be the “saviour of mankind”, but more usually to avoid provoking the huge economic and political interests which prop up this benefactor.”

There is, and has been for a very long time, strong scientific criticism against vivisection, not only as a scientific procedure, but also because the results obtained from it are misleading and dangerous. The following quotations demonstrate this fact:

“Medicine is, essentially, a science of observation, in which experimentation is only a minor part of the medical investigation. But the worst of it is that this minor part has been contaminated by a gross error – that of having taken animals as models for humans.”
Professor Dr Pietro Croce

“The reason why I am against animal research is because it doesn’t work, it has no scientific value and every good scientist knows that.”
- Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, M.D., Head of the Licensing Board for the State of Illinois, paediatrician & gynaecologist for 30 years, medical columnist & best-selling author, recipient of numerous awards for excellence in medicine.

“Like every member of my profession, I was brought up in the belief that almost every important fact in physiology had been obtained by vivisection and that many of our most valued means of saving life and diminishing suffering had resulted from experiments on the lower animals. I now know that nothing of the sort is true concerning the art of surgery: and not only do I not believe that vivisection has helped the surgeon one bit, but I know that it has often led him astray.”
- Prof. Lawson Tait, M.D., Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons (F.R.C.S.), Edinburgh & England. Hailed as the most distinguished surgeon of his day, the originator of many of surgery’s modern techniques, and recipient of numerous awards for medical excellence.

“Animal model systems differ from their human counterparts. Conclusions drawn from animal research, when applied to human beings, are likely to delay progress, mislead, and do harm to the patient. Vivisection, or animal experimentation, should be abolished.”
- Dr. Moneim Fadali, M.D., F.A.C.S., Diplomat American Board of Surgery and American Board of Thoracic Surgery, UCLA faculty, Royal College of Surgeons of Cardiology, Canada.

If all this is news to you, you will also be interested to discover that the current medical paradigm is also based on unsound science.

You can find out more about becoming and remaining naturally healthy from our book, Why Germs Don’t Make You Ill and Drugs Can’t Cure You.

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The Sunshine – Friend or Foe?

Are you confused with the conflicting advice about the benefits or risks of exposure to sunlight?

First we were told that sunshine is good for us, then we were told it is bad for us. Now it seems that it is good for us again.

According to a recent news story, “Spending an average of three hours a day exposed to sunlight can slash the risk of breast cancer by up to 50 per cent, according to research.”

This health benefit is gained by the body’s production of vitamin D in the skin.

The advice seems to be that we should spend more time in the sun, but protect ourselves with a high protection factor sun cream to avoid burning and avoid the risk of skin cancer, which sounds like good advice until you look further at the evidence.

The evidence shows that a very large number of people are vitamin D deficient and that this deficiency leads to a susceptibility to some diseases, including cancer.

Whilst most people probably obtain sufficient vitamin D to prevent rickets, it is unlikely that the recommended daily amount provides sufficient vitamin D to prevent other equally problematic deficiency symptoms.

The best source of vitamin D is undoubtedly from the sun.

But excessive exposure to the sun, especially at its hottest, causes burning and other skin damage.

Sunscreens will allow you to spend more time in the sun but will prevent the sun from activating the much-needed production of vitamin D in your body.

However, evidence shows that conventional sunscreen products may contain some chemicals that are carcinogenic.

It is important to make informed decisions based on the evidence.

It may also help to take notice of the way of life of people who live in hot countries. For example, in the Mediterranean area most people stay out of the sun in the hottest part of the day or if they sit outside they sit in the shade. They invariably have a rest at the hottest time of day. If they sunbathe, they do so in the cooler parts of the day, morning or evening.

An extremely useful article about the importance of sunlight exposure and the dangers of sunscreen chemicals can be found HERE

It would seem therefore that the best approach is a ‘sensible’ one after all; make sure you spend time in the sunshine but do not spend hours lying out in the sun at the hottest time of the day; protect yourself with natural sun protection products if you need to use them; avoid skincare products that contain toxic chemicals and most importantly have a healthy diet to boost your natural health.

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Fluoride – The Hidden Poison

Fluoride is a worldwide problem, because the WHO (World Health Organization) states that fluoride has beneficial effects in reducing the incidence of tooth decay and the policies of the WHO affect us all, wherever we live.

So you may be wondering what is the issue that requires a blog entry?

Quite simply, fluoride is a poison.

Fluoride is a known neurotoxin.

Fluoride has been linked in scientific studies to increased incidence of bone cancer.

Fluoride is so dangerous it is used in rat poison.

If this is news to you, read on.

Dr Paul Connett has been researching the whole subject of fluoride for about 15 years and on his website is a statement written by him in 2000, which includes the following:
“The more I have read the more concerned I have become over the dangers posed by fluoride and the very poor science underpinning its supposed efficacy in protecting children’s teeth. How we ever allowed such a toxic substance into the drinking water is staggering. Even though fluoride’s toxicity is rated higher than lead, the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) maximum contaminant level for lead in water is 15 ppb (parts per billion) whereas the level allowed for fluoride is 4,000 ppb. The recommended level for artificial fluoridation of the drinking water of 1 part per million (1 ppm = 1,000 ppb) was established in 1945, and it hasn’t been changed since, even though today we (and our children) are getting fluoride from many other additional sources, including toothpaste, other dental products, mouthwashes, processed food, some vitamin tablets, and beverages.”

For further information about your possible sources of fluoride exposure please click HERE

It is also possible that the salt you consume may have been fluoridated.
According to The National Fluoride Information Centre:
“Salt fluoridation was introduced in Switzerland in 1955 and it is now estimated that fluoridated salt is available to nearly 200 million people worldwide, including Europe, Central and South America and the Caribbean. It is the preferred method of fluoridation on mainland Europe and is widely available in France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Czech Republic and Slovakia.”

However, you may feel that the benefits of fluoride for the prevention of tooth decay outweigh these dangers. If this is so and if you are unfamiliar with the counter-argument to the so-called ‘benefits’ of fluoride, the following will be revelatory.

According to Dr Connett, when asked in an interview “How much fluoride is there in a typical size of toothpaste? Is there enough to kill one child?” he answered “The child would probably be sick, vomit long before they got through a whole tube of toothpaste. But there is no question that fluoride, not an excessive amount, can cause serious harm. There have been examples of children who swallowed the gel that is used for topical treatment and they died as a consequence. So fluoride is extreme.”

Further evidence is provided by Dr. Phyllis J. Mullenix, Ph.D, who is a pharmacologist and toxicologist by training. In the 1980s, Dr. Mullenix was Head of the Toxicology Department at the Forsyth Dental Center, a world renowned dental research institution affiliated with the Harvard Medical School. She was invited to start Forsyth’s Toxicology Department because of her expertise in neurotoxicology.

“Using an animal model developed for the study of dental fluorosis, we expected rats drinking fluoride-treated water would behave the same as matching controls. They did not. The scientific literature led us to believe that rats would easily tolerate 175 ppm fluoride in their drinking water. They did not. Reports in the literature indicated that fluoride would not cross the blood brain barrier. But it did. Prenatal exposure to fluoride was not supposed to permanently alter behavioral outcome. It did. Like walking into quicksand our confidence that brain function was impervious to fluoride was sinking.”
“We concluded that the rat study flagged potential for motor dysfunction, IQ deficits and/or learning disabilities in humans. Confident as we were, the data were only one piece of the puzzle, the overall picture was still emerging. Soon thereafter we learned of two epidemiological studies (Fluoride, 1995-1996) from China showing IQ deficits in children over-exposed to fluoride via drinking water or soot from burning coal. A recent review (International Clinical Psychopharmacology, 1994) listed case reports of CNS effects in humans excessively exposed to fluoride, information that spans almost 60 years. A common theme appeared in the reported effects: impaired memory and concentration, lethargy, headache, depression and confusion.”

Scientific evidence from Chinese research on Fluoride’s neurotoxicity is available from HERE

But if you are in any doubt about the dangers of fluoride, these words by Dr Russell Blaylock MD from his book Health and Nutrition Secrets, should help you.
“We have seriously contaminated our food and beverage supply. But there is one instance where the danger is higher than in all of these examples, and that is the drinks packaged in aluminium cans and bottles, including beers, fruit juices, sodas, and other popular drinks. Aluminium is also very toxic, especially to the nervous system. When aluminium is combined with fluoride, even in minute concentrations, it forms a very powerful brain toxin.
So in the case of diet drinks in aluminium cans, the very brain-toxic aluminium fluoride compound co-exists with multiple toxins found in aspartame, thus creating the most powerful governement-approved toxic soup imaginable. With the strong association among aluminium, excitotoxins, aluminium fluoride complexes, and Alzheimer’s disease, it would be completely irresponsible to encourage people to consume this toxic mixture. Yet, this is done literally billions of times every year in advertising. It is important to remember that the aluminium can has been around for only about 3 decades, and most toxin-related diseases take years of accumulation to produce the full clinical expression of the disorder.”

More information on the extent of fluoride pollution is available HERE

You can watch a recent and extremely interesting interview with Dr Paul Connett.
Part 1 HERE
Part 2 HERE

Fortunately there are now many products that are fluoride free.

Now that you know some of the toxins contained in the products you and your family use both in and on your bodies, checking their ingredients has never been more important.

You can find out more about this subject in our book, Why Germs Don’t Make You Ill & Drugs Can’t Cure You.

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The REAL Cause of the Current Global Banking Crisis

“I am afraid that the ordinary citizen will not like to be told that banks can and do create money…And they who control the credit of the nation direct the policy of Governments and hold in the hollow of their hands the destiny of the people”
(Reginald McKenna, former Chairman, Midlands Bank of England)

What is the real cause of the current global banking crisis?

If you obtain your news through mainstream media sources it is quite likely that you have the impression that the current global banking crisis has been caused by over-generous lending to some people who have subsequently defaulted on their mortgage payments.

If this is the case then you are seriously misinformed, because the real story behind the crisis is a scandal that is deeply rooted in the banking system itself and has far-reaching international implications.

The problem stems from the fact that the banking system was created on a model that requires ever-increasing debt to sustain itself with the result that the ‘fat cats’ at the top of the system are becoming richer whilst the rest of us become ever poorer.

This, however, is no accident. The banking system is precisely designed to enslave ‘the people of the world’ to those at the very pinnacle of the banking system; the global banking elite.

If this sounds far-fetched and too much like a ‘conspiracy theory’, then you really need to watch the video called ‘The Secret of Oz’, a link to which is provided below. This extremely informative documentary film explains the background to the creation of the banking system and the origin of the problems currently being experienced around the globe.

If you are not aware of how the banking system really works, then you will undoubtedly be shocked by it.

The first shock will be to discover that the banks create ‘money’ out of nothing! Literally!

Banks do not lend ‘money’; they make loans but do not need the physical cash in their vaults in order to make these loans. They create the loans by creating accounting entries. The bank then has the audacity to charge interest on the ‘accounting entry’, which they call a loan, creating a greater indebtedness for the customer and greater profits for the global banking elite.

The second shocking aspect is that most governments do not create the money they need to spend on national services such as education, welfare, transport etc. Most governments in most countries have to ‘borrow’ from the banks, at interest, before they can spend it in their budgets. But, again, these are also ‘loans made from accounting entries’. That’s right, governments do not borrow ‘real money’ and they too are charged interest for the privilege of being indebted to the banks!

It is the interest costs of servicing the ever increasing loans that is behind the mounting national debts of practically every country in the world.

It is an appalling situation because the interest payments absorb an ever-increasing proportion of government budgetary requirements, which means that less funding is available for vital services and infrastructure in most countries in the world. Most of the money that our governments need to properly run our countries is going to the global banking elite.

Because we are increasingly indebted to the global banking elite, most of us in most countries around the world are increasingly impoverished and suffer worsening standards of living.

But the most appalling part of the whole story is that this is a deliberate manipulation by the global banking elite. By ensuring that the banking system is the only source of ‘money’ and that we can only access that ‘money’ through loans, they have ensured our continuing indebtedness and servitude to them.

However, this situation cannot persist. The system of loaning money into existence contains the seeds of its own destruction because it is unsustainable and is already showing its weakness by the growing number of defaulters.

The Secret of Oz video provides a more detailed explanation of this corrupt system and encouragingly offers solutions to the problem.

There are workable solutions to creating a more responsible ‘money system’ that do not require ever-increasing indebtedness to the global banking elite; an indebtedness that drains the valuable resources of the world.

The best solution, in which governments create their own debt-free money, will provide greater freedom and greater prosperity for all and even the possibility of reduced taxation!

If any of this story is news to you and you want to know just how this dreadful system came into being and what can be done to change it, please watch ‘The Secret of Oz’ from the link HERE

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A Life Without Hay Fever is Possible!

If you suffer with hay fever you have probably been told that you are ‘allergic’ to some form of pollen, that it is not curable and that you can ‘manage’ the condition by not going outside when the pollen count is high and by taking ‘remedies’ that may, or may not, ease your symptoms.

Therefore, because of your condition, many of you have to stay inside when the beautiful spring sunshine and warmth arrive and this is a tragedy, because we obtain real health benefits from sunshine that are unobtainable from any other source.

The good news is that you do not have to be in this situation, because it is just another example of the mainstream medical establishment’s lack of understanding of human health.

The ‘hay fever’ symptoms you experience are part of the body’s natural elimination system. Therefore using pharmaceutical products to stop these elimination processes will only result in more health problems, not fewer.

Also these ‘remedies’ are not, in fact, designed to ‘cure’ you, because anything that would actually ‘cure’ you would prevent you from being another pharmaceutical industry customer next year for their ‘remedy’ for your perennial problem. After all, spring does happen every year!

This is not cynicism, these are the facts about corporations that are set up to make a profit and the pharmaceutical industry is no exception; it is primarily a group of corporations set up to profit from their customers; you.

You may therefore, and quite rightly, ask what is hay fever, why do you get it and what can cure it?

Hay fever symptoms, like all other ‘allergies’, occur because of an over-sensitisation of the immune system. The body releases histamine as part of its immune response, which results in uncomfortable inflammation. The remedies for hay fever will often include ‘antihistamine’, a substance that will counter the histamine your body produced.

It is recognised that the immune system is very complex and evidence suggests that it is poorly understood by the mainstream medical establishment, as demonstrated by the rise in autoimmune diseases in the past 30 years. If the immune system was properly understood, we would have the appropriate advice about how to look after it and there would be less autoimmune disease, not more.

According to Dr Russell Blaylock MD, a respected former neurosurgeon, talking about vaccinations for babies, “repeated immune stimulation could result in severe disruption of brain development and even neurodegeneration.”

Dr Blaylock also said, “Low magnesium intake, which is common in the United States, is associated with higher degrees of inflammation in the body and lower glutathione levels. It also enhances excitotoxicity, since magnesium is a natural modulator of the NMDA glutamate receptor. Low intakes of magnesium greatly enhance glutamate receptor sensitivity, worsening excitotoxicity. Low magnesium also lowers brain glutathione levels, which increases brain sensitivity to mercury toxicity. Increasing magnesium levels, reduces inflammation, raises glutathione levels and reduces excitotoxic sensitivity.”

It is vital for our health to know what causes excess immune stimulation, the effects of such stimulation and how to reduce it because the consequences, for example disruption of brain development and neurodegeneration, are severe.

So what are the causes and effects of over-sensitisation of the immune system?

The following clues will help:

- According to Asthma UK, an allergic reaction occurs “when the body’s immune system reacts abnormally to a harmless substance, such as food.”

- Interestingly, histamine is a ‘biogenic compound often found in processed foods’. So maybe not all foods are ‘harmless substances’.

- There is a wealth of documented scientific evidence for ‘allergic reactions’ after vaccinations, sometimes referred to as ‘side effects’.

- When the immune system is over-sensitised, it releases high levels of free radicals.

- Human beings do not internally manufacture their own supply of ascorbic acid, an essential antioxidising nutrient.

- Magnesium deficiency increases inflammation

- Genetically modified foods have been found to generate an immune system allergic-type inflammatory response.

These are serious problems for the immune system.

Adding up the the clues, it is possible to see that the human immune system:

1. Does not react well to processed foods.

2. Does not react well to vaccinations.

3. Does not react well to genetically modified foods

4. Requires a high level of antioxidising nutrients, especially ascorbic acid because it does not manufacture its own supply, and other essential nutrients such as magnesium.

The mainstream medical establishment does not acknowledge the cumulative harm caused by a ‘Western’ lifestyle with a diet that includes a high proportion of processed foods, some genetically modified, but does not include many raw fresh fruits and vegetables, especially those high in antioxidants. Sadly the harm caused by vaccinations is not just a ‘Western’ problem, but a global problem, the existence of which is effectively denied by the pharmaceutical industry.

The reason for this lack of acknowledgement is because medical training focuses almost exclusively on the use of pharmaceutical products to suppress symptoms and vaccinations to ‘prevent’ disease.

This situation is succinctly stated by Dr Richard Moore MD PhD, “A lot of the problem is about money, power and control. A medical-industrial complex has succeeded in inculcating a pro-drug ideology in medical education and thus practice. And the government has gone along. There is an unholy alliance between the medical schools, the drug companies and the politicians; a golden triangle that keeps this dysfunctional system going and prevents people from having the health they deserve.”

What IS known is that the ‘Western’ lifestyle and diet, together with the ‘dysfunctional medical system’, undoubtedly have serious consequences for health.

Therefore the solution to the problem of your ‘hay fever’ is not to counteract histamine but to understand the underlying cause of the over-sensitisation of your immune system and then treat that problem.

It may require you to review the factors outlined in this blog and maybe make some changes to your lifestyle.

But won’t it be worth it? Maybe next year you too will be able to enjoy the outside life in the spring sunshine, without hay fever or medication!

You can learn more about what makes you ill and how to stay well in our book, Why Germs Don’t Make You Ill & Drugs Can’t Cure You.

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Say No to GMO!

There are many ways to convey an important message to people and song lyrics are no exception, especially when attached to a video allowing for the additional visual impact of the message.

It was therefore interesting, but not surprising, that I recently found a musical message about GMOs, or Genetically Modified Organisms.

Mike Adams of Natural News has made a rap video called ‘Say No to GMO’ that you can watch from this link HERE

Whilst the genre of rap may not appeal to everybody’s musical taste, the lyrics are subtitled and the video contains appropriate images to match the lyrics, which makes it easy to ensure maximum impact.

The extremely important message in this well-made video is that we should not accept GMOs in our foods or indeed anywhere in the food chain.

The quotes used in the video are from one of the most active campaigners against GMOs, Jeffrey Smith, who is the founder of the Institute for Responsible Technology

Jeffrey Smith is regarded as “the leading world expert in the understanding and communication of the health issues surrounding genetically modified foods” and is the author of two books, Seeds of Deception and Genetic Roulette.

In Seeds of Deception he reveals that “………it was industry influence, not sound science, which allowed these (GM) foods onto the market. Moreover, if overwhelming scientific research suggests anything, it is that the (GM) foods should never have been approved.”

In Genetic Roulette, a complete reference on the health risks of GM foods, he shatters the biotech industry’s claim that genetically modified (GM) foods are safe and shows 65 health risks of the foods eaten by Americans.

But it is not just Americans who are at risk because anyone, anywhere in the world who eats food made with GM ingredients is at risk.

Additionally, it is not merely a problem of GM ingredients in the foods we eat. If GM technology is allowed to continue it has the potential to impact not only the whole food chain but our environment too.

The dangers to the environment from seeds that have been genetically engineered to produce pesticides are that they can adversely affect wildlife as well as contaminate organic produce when the GM seeds are released into the atmosphere . You can read more about the dangers to the environment HERE

The message from the scientific evidence is loud and clear; avoid anything that has been genetically modified!

Additionally you can watch Jeffrey Smith’s video about GMO dangers from this link HERE

You can find out more about how to say No to GMO and obtain non-GMO foods on the website for the Institute for Responsible Technology

You can watch more videos about GMOs from the following links on our website:
The Future of Food
The World According to Monsanto

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The Real Causes of Shaken Baby Syndrome That The Mainstream Media Fail To Tell You

A recent article in a UK newspaper suggested that about half of parents convicted of shaken baby syndrome (SBS) have been wrongly accused. However, a thorough investigation of all the scientific evidence shows that the real percentage of wrongly convicted people could be much higher than this.

You can read the article HERE

In this article Dr Squier states that the ‘triad’, which are the symptoms used for ‘proving’ that the baby died from SBS and gaining a conviction, can result from normal circumstances.

However, study of the literature on SBS uncovers scientific evidence for valid alternative explanations of the injuries found on the ‘shaken babies’ that are neither ‘normal causes’ nor ‘inflicted trauma’.

What is extremely disturbing from the evidence is that these injuries can be caused by a combination of multiple vaccinations and other conditions that rapidly absorb the baby’s store of vitamin C, or to give it its correct name ascorbic acid, to the point of creating infantile scurvy.

Although you may be aware of the disease called scurvy, you may think it was something that only sailors suffered on their long sea voyages in the 18th century and that it was cured when they had adequate fresh food, specifically including limes or lemons.

However, the story is more complex and is still relevant today, for a lack of ascorbic acid can result in a variety of symptoms that are mistakenly attributed to other causes and, even more worryingly, sub-clinical scurvy is far more prevalent than is generally acknowledged by the mainstream medical establishment, as will become more obvious from the rest of this blog.

With specific reference to SBS Dr Archie Kalokerinos MD, a true medical pioneer, has this to say;
“There is no doubt that it is possible to shake a baby to death. But in more than forty cases that I have investigated there has been real evidence to suggest strongly that the babies were not shaken, but the hemorrhages that were found at the autopsies, which could be in the retinas, in the brain or the membranes surrounding the brain are caused by disturbances in coagulation-bleeding factors. And the so-called fractures that are found in these babies are not true fractures. ……….the bone changes, that to the uninitiated look exactly like trauma initiated fractures, are not, they are a variety of scurvy. But, authorities say you don’t get scurvy in a baby under the age of six months. That was largely true in the old days. But nowadays with antibiotics, with mothers smoking, with failure to exclusively breast feed and the administration of vaccines these bone changes can occur at a much earlier age. And, furthermore, it is possible in experimental animals to develop these bone changes in the fetus before birth, while in the uterus. They look like trauma-induced fractures but are actually induced by a deficiency of Vitamin C, which can affect areas in bone where rapid growth is occurring.”

You may think that in our modern era of medical progress the idea that babies can have scurvy is absurd. But nothing could be further from the truth, because the importance of a proper level of ascorbic acid in the human diet has been unfairly marginalised, by certain vested interests, in terms of scientific research.

By comparison to the huge investment in pharmaceuticals, relatively little has been invested in research on the severe damage that can be caused to the body by free radicals and the vital importance of a really adequate antioxidant intake, particularly in the form of ascorbic acid (vitamin C), to neutralise the free radicals before they cause damage.

But there is more to ascorbic acid than just being a superb antioxidant, it is an essential element for life.

Interestingly, humans are one of only a few species that are unable to manufacture ascorbic acid internally, which means therefore that it is essential for us to obtain it from our diet.

If we humans do not obtain an adequate amount of ascorbic acid in our diet we become ill. If the deficiency is prolonged we become seriously ill, which can manifest in a variety of symptoms, and if this deficiency is not corrected, death will follow.

There are many doctors who have spent many years studying ascorbic acid and its importance in human health and disease, both in prevention and cure, including Nobel Prize Laureate Linus Pauling, as well as Dr Fred Klenner MD, Dr Irwin Stone, Dr Abram Hoffer MD to name but a few of the pioneers.

Although marginalised because of vested interests by the mainstream medical establishment, their work has fortunately not been completely ignored and many others continue their work today, including Dr Archie Kalokerinos MD and Dr Harold Buttram MD.

Dr Harold Buttram says the following about induced brain injuries in laboratory animals;
“It is noteworthy that vaccines such as pertussis (whooping cough) are used to induce allergic encephalomyelitis in laboratory animals. This is characterized by brain swelling and hemorrhaging similar to that caused by mechanical injuries.”

Tellingly, he also says,
“Other than occasional anecdotal reports, there is little to be found in the medical literature implicating vaccines in causing brain edema and perivascular/meningeal lymphocytic infiltrations in humans, probably because the phenomenon has never been systematically studied.”

The phenomenon called SBS is a tragedy that occurs because a complete study of vaccine-damage is virtually impossible due to the lack of funding for such research. This gap in research occurs because most funding is provided by the pharmaceutical industry that heavily promotes vaccines and assures us they are safe and effective. But vaccines have not been proven to be either safe or effective, as demonstrated in this report HERE

Dr Buttram also states
“One of the primary complications of scurvy being hemorrhage from weakened blood vessels, vitamin C deficiency could conceivably play a role in vaccine-induced encephalopathy/hemorrhagic syndrome.”

For these reasons, it is likely that the doctors who give evidence for the prosecution of adults in ‘shaken baby syndrome’ cases are inadequately knowledgeable and should only be called ‘expert’ witnesses if they are aware of all the literature about the symptoms that can manifest as a result of either a vitamin C deficiency or damage by a recent vaccine or a combination of both.

Of course the possibility should not be ruled out that just occasionally there might be a real case of abuse, but the medical experts must be absolutely sure how to tell the difference between the symptoms of abuse and those of underlying health problems in order to save many parents suffering from both the death of their baby and the injustice of serving a prison sentence for a crime they did not commit.

In commenting on the case of Alan Yurko who served 7 years in prison, having been convicted for allegedly shaking his baby, Dr Archie Kalokerinos had this to say,
“The real significance of Alan Yurko’s case goes far beyond Alan Yurko. If doctors took the time and trouble to sit down and study the literature as they should, and understand pediatrics like they have never understood it before, they will save a tremendous amount of suffering; they will save many, many infant deaths.”

The sad story of the Alan Yurko case is told in the video, Vaccine Nation, a link to which is available from HERE as well as the website HERE

You can watch an in-depth presentation by Dr Viera Scheibner and Bronwyn Hancock of Vaccination Information Service that includes many other stories by parents who have suffered the same tragic loss as well as interviews with Dr Kalokerinos from the link HERE

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Fighting for Health Freedom

A major victory has been achieved in a US Court which ruled that the FDA’s denial of health claims for antioxidants was unconstitutional under the First Amendment.

This victory has been achieved by ANH-USA, Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw.

The full story can be read from the link HERE

An extract from that story reads,
“ANH-USA, together with Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw, sued the FDA for censoring antioxidant vitamin–cancer risk reduction claims after the agency denied multiple claims about the effectiveness of selenium and vitamins C and E in reducing cancer risk, and weakened and complicated other claims to the vanishing point. The plaintiffs were represented by Emord & Associates, a prominent constitutional law firm. You may recall that last October, Jonathan Emord successfully represented us against the FDA on the selenium claim. That win means that selenium supplements are now allowed to claim that “selenium may reduce the risk” of prostate, colon, bladder, or thyroid cancer.”

However, although this victory in the USA has been achieved, the ‘battle’ for our health freedom is far from over.

As the website for the Alliance for Natural Health shows, there are many more areas where our health freedom is under threat.

For example, genetic modification is still aggressively promoted to be used for more and more foods.

As mentioned in my blog called ‘The Silent Stalker of Your Health Freedom’, one of the objectives of Codex Alimentarius is to make most if not all foods genetically modified. If you haven’t already read it, please read that blog and download the report.

More information on Codex Alimenatrius can be obtained from the ANH website HERE

And more information about genetically modified foods can be viewed from this link HERE

Another very important health topic is the addition of fluoride to drinking water and products such as toothpaste. Although a small victory was gained earlier this year from the US Government having to admit that fluoride is harmful to children, they are only proposing to reduce the level of fluoride in drinking water, not eliminate it.

A video exposing the problems with fluoride can be viewed from the link HERE

The above demonstrates the problems we are facing and they clearly cannot be tackled one issue at a time.

As well as supporting the organisations that are fighting to make changes to the legislation for our benefit, you can also make changes for yourself and your family to create immediate benefits for your health.

You can find out about the changes that you can make and much more besides from our book, Why Germs Don’t Make You Ill and Drugs Can’t Cure You.

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It’s not TB but ignorance that threatens to kill cattle and badgers

A recent news item in the UK states “The National Trust will next month begin the largest ever field trial of a vaccine to prevent the spread of bovine TB in badgers. The animals are thought to be partially responsible for the spread of the disease in cattle, which last year led to 24,899 animals being slaughtered at a cost of £63m.”

Cattle all around the world apparently can suffer from bovine TB and have done for a long time.

However, instead of dealing with the problem from its correct cause, which is covered at the end of this blog, the UK ‘authorities’ have decided to lay the blame on badgers, even though interestingly the report states that badgers are only ‘thought to be partially responsible’.

What is their reason for specifically holding badgers responsible then?

According to DEFRA’s website,
“Bovine tuberculosis (bTB) is an infectious disease of cattle. It is caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium bovis (M. bovis), which can also infect and cause TB in badgers, deer, goats, pigs, camelids (llamas and alpacas), dogs and cats, as well as many other mammals.”

This statement is supported by a scientific paper from the College of Veterinary Medicine at Iowa State University that concludes that most mammals could be carriers of bovine TB.

So by their own criteria, the authorities admit that bTB can ‘infect’ many other mammals including humans, because M. bovis is classified as a zoonose, which means that it can be ‘transmitted’ between animals and humans.

Using their own definition, it could in fact be the cattle that are infecting the badgers.

So why are they planning to vaccinate badgers?

This is yet another example of a proposed solution to a problem that is doomed to failure, because the solution is based on the twin false premises of the ‘germ theory of disease’ and of the expectation that vaccination can ‘cure’ disease.

Based on the ‘germ theory’, bacteria are the causal agents for tuberculosis. But this is an incorrect premise, because there are many bacteria that live within us, and within other animals, when we are quite healthy. It is only when certain conditions arise within the body that their numbers proliferate. Even so, they are still not the causal agent, they are by-products of a ‘diseased’ state of the body.

This scenario can be likened to the analogy of flies on a dung heap; the flies have a reason to be there, but they are not the causal agents of the dung heap. If anything, they are the clean-up agents, which is much closer to the real function of at least some of the bacteria within a ‘diseased body’.

Additionally, the mainstream medical establishment promotes vaccinations on the basis that they are supposed to help build immunity to potentially harmful organisms that are attributed to being the cause of disease.

This statement that vaccinations provoke an immune response in the animal, or human, against the alleged ‘germ’ is stated as if proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.

But that is most definitely not the case, because provoking activation of the immune system in response to a vaccine has not been scientifically proven to provide immunity to a disease.

A growing number of doctors now agree that injecting foreign material, especially foreign protein matter, and adjuvants into the body to try and produce immunity is highly questionable in its effectiveness and has the potential to do great harm, particularly when the vaccine adjuvants are known to be toxic.

Some of the toxic ingredients used are mercury, aluminium, formaldehyde and carbolic acid, to name just a few. Many of these additives have been linked to serious long term illness, deformities and even death. This is hardly surprising when it is known that mercury, for example, is one of the most toxic substances on earth. It is therefore impossible to understand how medical people can countenance the administration of these poisons to any living thing.

The true situation concerning infectious diseases and the ineffectiveness of vaccination is clearly indicated by the words of the late Dr Buchwald MD whose condemnation of vaccination is unequivocal, “Vaccines have never had the proclaimed preventive effect on infections. Vaccines don’t protect, but do harm. A scientific proof of their usefulness has never existed, whereas the severe, sometimes fatal, damages they cause are a proven fact.”

So the question is, what could be the cause of the bovine TB problem, if M. bovis is not the cause and vaccination is not protective?

For humans, TB is briefly an illness brought about through malnutrition and unsanitary living conditions.

Is the situation the same for cattle?

It is well known that feeding with processed, unnatural foodstuffs and the unnatural methods of animal management are some of the causes of animal ‘diseases’. These unnatural methods include such practices as regular disinfection with various chemicals that are known to be toxic as well as regular vaccinations and other ‘medical’ procedures that are purported to keep the animals healthy, but unfortunately do the complete opposite.

These are amongst the factors that will be responsible for any ill-health in the cattle. But there is another problem, the ‘test’ upon which the vet relies for diagnosing bovine TB? However the ‘test’ is interpreted, what it actually reveals is merely a reaction to a substance that has been injected into the animal. It is not an indicator of illness, because often the animal shows no symptoms, which is why it can be rather distressing for farmers when they hear what the ‘test’ result apparently shows.

It is likely that many of the nearly 25,000 animals that were slaughtered last year were healthy, which will no doubt be even more distressing news to the farmers whose cattle were slaughtered.

The damage that vaccines can cause is a subject that is never raised in the bovine TB and badger debate, but it should be raised so that people can be aware of the real dangers of this proposed badger vaccination programme as well as the flawed theory on which it is being based.

Otherwise, it might not be too long before the UK has no more badgers to blame.

You can learn more about the flawed basis of health in the mainstream medical establishment and discover how to become and stay well in our book, Why Germs Don’t Make You Ill and Drugs Can’t Cure You.

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The Hidden Dangers of Supporting Charities

This is a very difficult blog to write because it could so easily be misunderstood and misinterpreted.

Our ethos at NoR is to help people help themselves and so I am the last person to suggest that we should not help others in need.

However, when it comes to health charities, there is a big problem, in fact it is a huge problem that stems from the fact that in most cases those who are undertaking the research that the charity raises funds to support are very likely to be using the wrong basis for their research. This will inevitably lead to proposed  ‘treatments’ and ‘cures’ that will not work, because they cannot work.

Unless the ‘mainstream medical industry’ changes the whole basis from which it operates, diseases like cancer, heart disease and AIDS will never be properly understood by them and will never be successfully ‘treated’ by them.

As Albert Einstein has been famously quoted as saying, “A problem cannot be solved using the same thoughts or approach which caused it in the first place.”

When the leading cause of illness is poisoning from toxic chemicals, you cannot treat the illness and expect a return to health by the use of toxic chemicals.

Which leads me back to the charities.

Whilst it is eminently noble to want to do everything we can to help people who need it, supporting charities that are raising funds for research based on an incorrect hypothesis will never help those people. In fact it will do the complete reverse and make more people more ill.

Many of these charities are ‘big business’ that have many employees as well as numerous volunteers. The research facilities also employ many scientists and researchers.

The demise of the charity business will inevitably lead to loss of jobs, but is it ethically right to continue to employ these people working on a flawed theory of health in preference to helping the people who really need the help.

This is a real dilemma that was highlighted to us in a conversation with a prominent figure in the ‘HIV does not cause AIDS’ campaign who spoke of a famous person who lends their support to many charities, including AIDS charities. The comment was that the famous person could not be told the truth that HIV does not cause AIDS because they would be heartbroken if they were told that they had been supporting a cause that was based on a false premise.

A real dilemma indeed!

But is that a reason to keep the person in ignorance so that they can continue to support an unhelpful cause? Should we really keep perpetuating a mistake? Is it not better to stop now, learn from the mistake and change direction to be able to help people who need the help?

Is it not better to pick up our heads out of the sand and look to making things right, rather than keep our heads in the sand and allow the ignorance to continue? Is the admission of our personal embarrassment so necessary to avoid that it should override the moral imperative to do ‘the right thing’?

I know what I believe. And yes, it is the harder path to follow, but ultimately it is the right path.

As Mahatma Gandhi said, ““An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it.”

Never has this saying been more appropriate.

Health charities must realise that supporting pharmaceutical treatments only make healthy profits for the the industry, because the scientific evidence shows that toxic chemical treatments cannot make people healthy.

And we must realise that supporting charities that support the pharmaceutical industry will never help the people we intended to help, because the basis of the current medical model of health and disease is fatally flawed.

You can learn more about the flawed basis of health in the mainstream medical establishment and discover how to become and stay well in our book, Why Germs Don’t Make You Ill and Drugs Can’t Cure You.

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